Monday, December 27, 2010

Tell The Truth Shame The Palin.

If they keep this up they will be out of a job real soon for listing facts. But I will be proud though.

I am going to take the time to gloat. I have been saying for years that Sarah Palin is a lightweight(intellectually). I received so much criticism for saying that(mostly from the lying right). I love the look of those panelists faces when Juan said what he said. It was like they couldn't believe it. Like they have never heard the truth before. It seems that the whole country is catching on now that her bulb is dim. So imagine my surprise when I heard Juan Williams on Fox news say something truthful(I know Fox news right!)I guess he is in a competition with Shepard Smith on who can get fired first after telling the truth more frequently. I will let Mr. Williams speak for himself here. All you have to do is list the facts! See Shepard and Juan working on losing their jobs below. I have a lot of respect for these gentlemen.

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