Saturday, January 01, 2011

Tucker Is A Damn Idiot !

You are kidding right? I mean execute Michael Vick because of dogfighting? He served his all of you Mike Vick haters get a damn life and leave him alone?! People are doing awful things to each other and we are worried about dog fighting? Tucker please its a damn shame that your mother medical plans did not include a trip to the abortion doctor..because what you just said was so DUMB. Kill Vick but not punish people who torture. We don't even kill child molesters(who deserve to die btw). Tucker your bulb is dim and you belong on Fox News.

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John said...

It seems that when one shows up on Fox News they have to say something stupid. I love dogs and I couldn't see myself doing what Mike Vick did but he paid his debt to society and has been a model citizen. When you pay your debt then you deserve a second chance.