Monday, March 07, 2011


Huckabee attacks Natalie Portman
But Bristol is a perfect role model for today's yoots?

I used to think Huckabee was good guy. That is until I heard him cater to the bat shit teabaggers concerning Obama. Then he attacked poor Natalie Portman for having a baby out of wedlock. But that he never had anything to say about Bristol Palin opening her legs and getting preggers and not married although they lied about it ion the press. I mean shouldn't he be happy that she did not abort it. What hypocrite.


John said...

Huckabee is suffering from what every politico have to do a lot of times. Play to his base. His base is the people that watch Fox News.Listen to talk-radio and tend to not be the most informed people on the planet.

I wonder why haven't Fox news told Huckabee to go like they did with Newt and Santorium?. He has a PAC and has a so-called exploritory committee which is lookin at a 2012
run for the White House.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony.

Do you have a radio show? Give me the link? I miss your KKFI show.
If not, you should think of creating one at some podcast website like Talkshoe, Blogtalkradio, Podbean.

I am a big fan of you. Please create a show.