Thursday, February 03, 2011

Message To The teabaggers!

Oh and btw any of you Bachmann teabagger supporters send me one more email about how she was looking into the other camera. Look I am not Fox news..ok I deal in facts not lies,bigotry and hatred...Look I have worked in broadcasting for years and there is such a thing called stagecraft. So all they would have had to do is put the cameras side by side just like the tv news stations does That way ole Batshit could look directly in your eye and talk to you. But that did not happen..either the tv crew were careless dumb asses or they were just plain ole dumb asses. Plus I have to wonder did ole Batshit say something like... hey shouldn't these cameras be right next to each other?- Evil Genius Anthony telling it like it is.

Oh she is lying BTW. Let my friends from the young Turks explain it to you.


Anonymous said...

That video was weak.

Anonymous said...

"People Believe In Free Speech, Until They Hear Something They Do Not Like".

Refusing to post something that shows how bias and intellectually withdrawn you are EG, gives me great pleasure in knowing you atleast YOU read my rebutals. I know my rebutals make you look really stupid if you would post them all would see that is. Freedom of speech along side your quoted slogan proves how much a coward you truelly are.


Anonymous said...

How many teaparty politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

1 to layoff the people who change lightbulbs,
and 1 to blame liberals for the bulb burning out.

1 to order a new bulb from China,
and 1 to praise Ronald Reagan for the Chinese-made bulb.

1 to hire an illegal immigrant to do the work,
and 1 to have the immigrant deported before he can get paid.