Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gotta Love Obama!

I just love this. You see the right hates Obama so much that they just can't give him a break. Plus this hate is why the repubs have really no one of real importance running. The adulterer Newt and that idiot Palin(please god let her run). But despite the FACTS that are coming out about the great job done under Obama with SEAL TEAM SIX. The lying fly monkey right just can't stomach the fact that they just got OWNED! So hear is what the far right loons are saying. Well it was the Seals and not Obama or even it was Bush that did it. Now of course that's a big lie..but remember the truth does not matter when your are a rightwing loon liar. Here is what the far right is saying...Obama although he authorized and ordered the hit after seeing all the attack plans. Now they are saying he deserved none of the credit.

So the next time one of these far right drones say this..all you have to do is respond by calmly saying this... Obama never claimed to have killed Bin laden personally. But I am always puzzled at this logic. If that operation had went bad...Obama would have had the blame laid at his feet. Its important to note that Obama personally gave credit where credit was due. But using their racist twisted logic we can change the fact of how past sitting presidents or leaders or crime figures get the credit since they were not physical present.

So now we can say that it was the German military that marched into France and also gassed Jews so we can now blame the men themselves instead of Hitler(since he ordered them to invade and kill Jews). So by that logic Hitler was not responsible ?Again using this logic can we now just blame the American military for dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagosaki and save harmless Truman(he ordered them to do it)And why is Charles Manson in jail he did not kill anybody he merely ordered those kids to drive up there and kill those people but he himself didn't do it. Right? Reagan gets the rep for ending the Cold War but there were many individuals and military men that were instrumental in bringing down the iron curtain. We are told Bush kept us safe but now we can say it was not Bush but the military,cops FBI ,CIA kept us safe. So it seems that in the past the leaders get the credit unless your name is Obama...just saying. They had no problem saying Bush killed Saddam. You see these bigots are sick and are not that smart. The fact is Obama does richly deserve a lot of the credit. We have to feel sorry for the far right loons because they are stupid and bigoted. So never argue with them because it makes you as stupid as they are just know that they are not very happy people. Its a shame I feel sorry for them.

BTW The fact remains the Obama administration was able to do what the Bushies couldn't do. Deal with it!


Anonymous said...

Why do you give Obama so many breaks...could it be because he is black?
I, like many Americans am worse off now then I was before he took office. It is always about pocket book issues. If the unemployment is still at around 9 percent, gas high, food high, wars still going on he looses.

word said...

It's 2 things that the top is not willing to change under any recent administration and that is majorly screwing us and other nations: Stop the wars immediately and gradually increase import tariffs. Until those 2 simple changes are made, I'm not buying any of the lines of crap that these politicians spout about 'what's best for America'!