Monday, May 02, 2011


Its not like me to gloat.....Ok that's a damn lie. I love to gloat. All I have to say is to go to an old WSX let me help you..Click on title of this posting and read it and weep. That posting says it all..I knew it back then and I know it now. All I did was studied this guys record. This is a victory for our country and people. Man I love it when I am right. A double ass whupping for the correspondents dinner to kill Bin ladens bitch ass!

What a great day for our country. Bin Laden is dead and it is a great day to be an American. Now of course the rightwing will find a way to not give Obama credit . But just remember that if it was Bush it would have been a different story. Remember folks the right wing just screwed themselves for 2012 by attacking Obama on birther crap and calling him a socialist and communist while all the while he has been playing chess with them..(as I have pointed out on many occasions), Now Donald and the other idiots have to deal with him face to face and now they can't and its their own damn fault. But let's savor this moment as Americans no matter how dumb or smart or your political stripes. We are Americans first and no ones screws with us. Now Pakistan we have a nice meeting with them.


Anonymous said...

Atleast Obama gave Bush some credit for his actions before Obama became president and, nice job by Obama for acting on our first hand intellegence. Dont know if i would have waited 9 months to actually ok the hit.

Most rational people would say without any doubt the Bush doctrine, coupled with the ability to have "boots on the ground intellegence" was far better than the third party intellegence we have been getting.


John said...

Well maybe he waited so long so they could deliver payback with the result of the least amount of casualties. Maybe they didn't know he was exactly there at the right time. Maybe they took thier time so they get the JOB DONE RIGHT!!!!.

This isn't 24 or a John Wayne movie,or a Vince Flynn novel. This is reality!!!.