Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Well the photo op queen Sarah "THE BRAIN"Palin goes on a very strange bus tour. I tell you I really want her to get the GOP nomination. Now of course the GOP does not share my opinion. Now keep in mind that Palin has not formally announced she will run or even signed the necessary paperwork. All she has ever said was that she has a fire in her belly which is a lot like saying I get this burning sensation when I urinate. So now she dresses up like a biker and waxes poetically how she LOVES the smell of emissions and won't answer hard questions..hence Fox News presence. It's important to note that The the Palin tour is alot like the Charlie Sheen tour. The difference is Sheen has trouble with substances and Palin has trouble with a lack of substance.


Anonymous said...

The British r cumming! The British r cumming! Shoot the bells, ring the guns, and darken the lanterns. Tell the British, they're cumming! God bless Palin. I love Sarah.
God bless the USA!

Anonymous said...

The Evilk Penus fears Palin as much as he fears Darla Jay!!!!