Thursday, February 03, 2011

Message To The teabaggers!

Oh and btw any of you Bachmann teabagger supporters send me one more email about how she was looking into the other camera. Look I am not Fox news..ok I deal in facts not lies,bigotry and hatred...Look I have worked in broadcasting for years and there is such a thing called stagecraft. So all they would have had to do is put the cameras side by side just like the tv news stations does That way ole Batshit could look directly in your eye and talk to you. But that did not happen..either the tv crew were careless dumb asses or they were just plain ole dumb asses. Plus I have to wonder did ole Batshit say something like... hey shouldn't these cameras be right next to each other?- Evil Genius Anthony telling it like it is.

Oh she is lying BTW. Let my friends from the young Turks explain it to you.

Yeah Right Mr. President!

Does anybody actually believe this man ? I mean I give him some credit at least he is kind of being honest about why he does not want to be on tv and give opinions. Even though he is not giving the real reasons.

I love this quote below from the telecast.

"I don't want to go out and campaign for candidates.
I don't want to be viewed as a perpetual money-raiser.
I don't want to be on these talk shows, giving my opinion..."
-- Former Pres Bush(R-intellectual lightweight)

Here is the translation of what he was really saying.

I'm Death on Two Legs, nobody wants me to campaign for them.
I'm viewed as a Perpetual Money Destroyer - ask any American family.
I have a Palin Brain so I can't render a reasonable opinion on anything
because I don't know shit about any issue besides "cut taxes."

Chaos In Cairo!

Wow what interesting times we live in. I mean whats going on in Northwest Africa(Egypt,you never really hear that Africa word in the so called liberal media do you?). If any of you people who never believed in situational ethics then start believing in it just like you guys do your religion. Because you are seeing it demonstrated. See, we all love to give lip service to democracy. But if there is a real democracy in the African country of Egypt due to a power vacuum then a new government might not be too sympathetic to American interests. Like Iran and the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. BTW Israel is a little frightened also right now. Remember this is the center of the Arab world. So that's why we supported Mubarak all of these years and Obama has to walk that wishy washy tight rope. You see if Mubarak survives(don't look like it, but you never know)the US has to be in good standing. But at the same time he has to side with the protesters just in case a power vacuum happens and someone else gets in we would have to curry favor with them also..see my point? So keep in mind that when you listen to radio or tv and you hear most of these drones talk about Socialism,Communism or tyranny or democracy, Remember they don't really mean it or believe it but they know most of their listeners are a little light between the ears and will believe anything they say. So back to Egypt. I hope no one gets hurt and morally speaking.. what do you expect from the good people of Cairo when they have had a no good dictator like Mubarak for 30 plus years. He has to go.

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