Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well what a difference a shooting makes. It seems that the pendulum swings both ways.As we go back to our national religion of shopping we are now discovering that white guys should be profiled because they make up 30 percent of America and yet they constitute 70 percent of mass shootings/killings in the last forty or fifty years! I have always supported profiling if done properly. But it seems some white guys have issues with this. I mean these facts don't lie and now there has been a  run on guns particularly .223 AR-15 Bushmaster. I find it interesting that when its minorities then its ok. Now we have firefighters ambushed at a fire and shot and killed days after Newtown! When blacks commits  crimes then they say well its expected those people just kill each other. But now since we have white on white crime, no one wants to say a thing. Attention white guys stand up and take responsibility for your actions. Stop hiding behind your skin color. Please read the link


Anonymous said...

A non white female bought the white felon guns. The irony

Anonymous said...

Hey dont find excuses. The white guy did not have to use the guns on people.But he did anyway.

Anonymous said...

You should look up the word, irony.