Saturday, December 15, 2012



My heart goes out to the families involved. This is a tragedy and a travesty about what happened. These were kids that were slaughtered ! We need to have a serious conversation about guns. Now I know the NRA gun nuts are going to bitch and complain well fuck them! No one wants to take away guns. What we need is to keep guns away from mentally disturbed individuals and criminals the NRA and Govt needs to put their heads together and fix it.I love it when the gun nuts say that only if someone else is armed then this would have not happened.That is such a lazy and stupid answer. I Anthony the Evil Genius will point out the stupidity in that statement.


You see as I have said before...the average citizen can not shoot worth a damn. How often does the average citizen go to the gun range regularly ? And of those who go, they shoot at stationary targets and the training is often inadequate. Now ask any cop and you will find that the average handgun combat distance is 12 yards or closer and high stress and in low light conditions.So the gun nuts are telling us that the average gun owner can hit in high stress moving targets and although they are not trained in crisis they can determine in a millisecond who the shooter is,  in a possibly crowded place and kill the person with out hitting anybody else? Remember the NYC cops who are trained to it moving targets shot and assailant and managed to hit 10 innocent bystanders?

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The mother's guns were legal; her income was close to 300K..she lived in a house worth close to 3 million dollars.
She knew her son was nuts.