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I love this show and Neil de Grasse Tyson is a rock star in science. I love how he handles the religiously insane when it comes to this silly notion that creationism is a valid science and not silly religious superstition. Science is a very important tool that we have to figure out how our world works. I take offense when arrogant religious bullies, think that their view(which is not science)should be included in real scientific teachings. These people should be dismissed immediately. They want their lie creationism taught in schools and actual science programs.. Ok fine then let scientists teach evolution in churches and in sunday schools and also pass out literature ! See my point? No way in hell will they let that happen..but they expect to invade our classrooms with their unscientific nonsense. read the excerpt below. THINK FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE !

"Just days after creationist groups bitched and acted like a bunch of spoiled crybabies complained their views had been excluded from Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," it seems they finally got some airtime on the show. But they might not be too pleased with how it all went down. Creationist cry baby Danny Faulkner of the Christian group Answers in Genesis said during a March 20 appearance on "The Janet Mefferd Show" that Tyson seemed to shy away from any mention of creationism in his Fox series. "Consideration of special creation is definitely not open for discussion, it would seem," Faulkner said. But Tyson proved Faulkner wrong in last Sunday's installment of "Cosmos" when he addressed -- and soundly attacked -- one of creationism's core tenets: That the universe, based on biblical sources, is only about 6,500 years old. Just check out the "Cosmos" video above. In the episode, entitled "A Sky Full of Ghosts," Tyson uses the example of the Crab Nebula, which is about 6,500 light years away from Earth, to debunk this creationist belief. As he explains, we can see the light of celestial beings much, much further away than the Crab Nebula, which proves that our universe is much older than a few thousand years. "If the universe were only 6,500 years old, how could we see the light from anything more distant than the Crab Nebula?" Tyson asks during the episode. "We couldn’t. There wouldn’t have been enough time for the light to get to Earth from anywhere farther away than 6,500 light years in any direction. That’s just enough time for light to travel a tiny portion of our Milky Way galaxy." Scientific evidence indicates that the universe is actually about 13.8 billion years old."

I do not hate my fellow religious people.I love my Evangelicals and other sane acting religious groups and people. My problem lies with the fundamentalist bigoted racist bullies who try to force their views on other people, no matter what religious group they belong to!

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