Thursday, May 15, 2014


Jesus is my sex therapist.  I have posted this before and this video really kind of creeped me out! She is acting  like she is having some kind of celestial sex with Jesus himself or..Jesus is playing a little stink finger with her holy panties with her vajayjay. Or she could be just full of shit like a lot of other fundamentalists and using this moment as an outlet of repressed sexual desire. Just saying.I mean I have seen that look on a woman's face before. I know ecstasy when I see it! See why I can not take these people seriously!

                                                      THE GAY DEMON

This is definitely some bullshit if I have ever seen it. Bob Larsen is a certified nutcase and is attempting to rebuke a "gay demon" from this poor guy! These people are crazy as cat shit. Yeah I know....but either this man is a nutcase or he is not. I did fnd it very funny. Feel free to laugh, I bet you some money that after the display of histrionics  is over and at the end of the day, this man still loves cock and will stay gay....just a hunch.


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