Tuesday, January 19, 2016


 Look, no matter what the president does,,,the bat shit crazy GOP will always find a way to hate him for it. They just want to hate him. They will never give him credit for anything. They lie and twist the truth and just live a fact free existence, case in point, the hostages. They claimed that Obama is leaving the hostages out of the deal and leaving them behind and he is a bad guy for doing so. Turns out that we have been negotiating for the past 14 months conducting a back channel deal that got them released....Does the egg on face GOP give Obama credit....? Hell Naw! They weasel out a way to criticize him for actually doing it. The 10 sailors that accidentally sailed into Iranian waters..,hell they were released after only one day of capture and without a prisoner swap..was the GOP happy about it? Fuck No! Here is the problem with politics of deception People will try and sensationalize anything. When a boat enters into foreign waters and is boarded my the host country's receiving force people are always placed in a non combative posture. No different than police who often pull over multiple people in a vehicle and they take them out for questioning.
Once you determine the basis for their activity things return to an appropriate level of normalcy.

If a foreign vessel of war which is what a navy vessel is ventured into US waters and was intercepted by the Coast Guard or Navy Vessel we would do the same. No different than if a foreign military aircraft flew into our airspace they would immediately be intercepted and ask to verify their intentions.
Do you not think that foreign government would not apologize for that pilot error or mechanical malfunction? This is nothing more than the business of toxic politics and sensationalism and only the naive or those who desire to continue to fan the flames of discourse promote such nonsense over standard engagement procedures. Iran clearly knew if those sailors were harmed in anyway there would have been severe consequences and repercussions.

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