Wednesday, January 06, 2016


We have a lot of crybabies in this country! Safe Zones, the president won't say "Islamic Terrorism",they are taking our guns away the Salem Benghazi witchunts.I am so tired of these idiots. The problem with the left and the right is that they are one in the same. They want govt intervention. The right wants intervention when it comes to women's issues(Planned Parenthood witch hunt) and forcing religion on everyone and the left wants intervention when it comes to economical issues. The newest fake outrage is the right's bitch fit over the fact that Obama will not say "Islamic Terrorism" because these people believe that  he does not understand it, if he does not say it. Now, the truth is that Obama does understand it and has dropped over ten thousand bombs on ISIS . Now if he does say "Islamic Terrorism" then the Muslim world would feel attacked.We are not at war with the Muslim world. Now when I used the term "Christian Terrorism" on radio to describe the Planned Parenthood shooter and other mass shooters..Christians got pissed off and said I was attacking their religion. See the hypocrisy? We have more to fear from white radical Rightwing Christians terrorists than Islamic terrorism. Now both are bad and should be guarded against.

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