Monday, February 22, 2016


It seems that we live in a society where Rudy Guiliani(Hip Hop expert lol) and some right wing hacks whores and a few cops are harassing Beyonce,because their feelings got hurt. Why? Because she was performing while black. You see the song lyrics or video or Superbowl performance does not contain any anti cop or advocates violence against cops nowhere ! But they still got offended anyway. Here is why they were offened. They are racist and saw a bunch of black people dressed in black and looking like an army. It scared them shitless and their worst racial fears.That is the real reason..Well some really cool pics have surfaced from an artist and its pissed off white bigots  society. You see its ok when it is done to a particular person. But it will not be tolerated when its done back to them even in art. I love these pics. Enjoy. I have always felt that art should shock and educate.

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