Wednesday, April 27, 2016


ANTHONY'S NOTE: Looks like  Denny Hastert (R- Sweaty molesting wrestler) is going to jail. He is going from being a sexual predator to being old man pussy in prison..Good for him.#prayerchangesthings

You know I love what Bernie Sanders talks about and I agree with about everything he is saying. But if he wins on day one nothing will change. You have a congress that will remain repubs and even if the senate changed you will still need a 60 seat super majority to fight of a filibuster..that wont happen. Even if it have dems that come from conservative districts and will not give President Sanders what he wants. Clinton is correct when she says "campaign in poetry but govern in prose". It has to be done incrementally. After the 13th Amendment was ratified, slaves didn't just drop cotton and go free, it took awhile.  Now some of  his rabid followers..."Berniebots" want to burn down the whole barn,if their guy doesn't get elected. Plus, Bernie pissed me off when he said in the last debate that Hillary would have to win over his followers(which is fine)but this old fucker gave the impression that he is not going to help her). I hope that I am wrong and have misjudged Bernie and for that I will say that I am sorry.. If  I am correct though however and he doesn't help, then FUCK HIM sideways! I understand their reticence about Hillary,but this election is too important. Whoever wins, I will side with the dems and support them. I would happily vote for Hillary or Bernie..ya know why? Because I am an adult and not a child. Bernie is a lot like Jesus in the sense that I like the guy but can't stand some of their rabid followers(its like Fox News watchers on the left). Anybody is better than Trump and that idiot Cruz and that crippled bitch lying lady he chose for VP. Plus, keep in mind that Trump is killing the repub party(Thank God) The GOP's party approval rating was lower than Charlie's Sheen's T cell count. They deserve to die out,.so let these bigots and sexists and homophobes go peacefully..ok Bull. Let's kick  them in their lard asses and stomp their nuts on the way out the door. #chucksaysgiftfromlilbabyjesus

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