Friday, April 10, 2009

To Teabag Or Not To Teabag!

Okay folks here is something interesting.I love this tea party thing going on April 15th. Neo cons are actually using the term "teabagging". This is so funny. I like a good teabagging myself especially when I saw Michelle Malkin at the protest in those tight jeans(baby's body is hella bangin).The funny thing is that the original tea party was about taxation without representation from government. This teabagging party is about going back to the level of taxation that we saw for rich people during the Clinton era. I called up on a local hack(more on these local hacks later) show called 980 live with Darla J. On this particular show was a guy named Tony and they were discussing this tea party shindig that right wingers dreamed up. I love how these people say that the are against government spending and it has gotten out of hand. Well I find it interesting that these groups are holding a tea party now. But if its just government spending that has their strait jackets in a bunch,then how come they never had a tea party in the last eight years? Yep! you guessed it, its all about Obama. They hate him so much they are criticizing his alleged bowing or his prompters. Its really great seeing the GOP party of no, to be dying a nice slow painful death. It...(choke)brings a tear to your eye.


Jerry's Blog said...

Obama a damn muslim. I know you know who I am.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going to borrow 12.7 trillion adding more to the debt than all past presidents including Bush. You cannot borrow your way to prosperity.

Just finished reading Obama's wife 96 page thesis. Poorly written to say the least.

What a jumble of thoughts. No way she should have been passed.

shawn said...

Its the "sleazy car salesman" or better yet the "slave owner". Did you read her thesis yet or did you just turn a blind eye to the whole subject? You sure did seem certain of yourself when it came to trying to dispute the fact that she is or in fact was a racist. Although you didnt seem to have any actual points. Maybe you do now? Please, enlighten me. Oh lastly, I would like to apologize for one thing, I did kind of lump you in to the same category as that other gentleman. I couldnt keep track of who was saying what and I assumed you too were jumping on the "slave owner" bandwagon. So for that I apologize. Otherwise, you're still an asshole.

Anonymous said...

What your black president and your progressive leaders are doing to cut spending.


The Education Department will eliminate a Bush-era "education policy attaché" based in Paris -- the one in France -- whose annual salary, housing allowance and business expenses exceed $630,000. Employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs will forgo their training junkets to hot spots such as Nashville and satisfy themselves with videoconferencing.

Finally, public debt numbers are positively frightening. The numbers at the end of 2008 showed this portion of the debt to be $5.8 trillion. With the spending implemented and proposed over the past six months, the debt held by the public will double in five years and triple in 10. The wall of debt is growing; the response: more taxes and zero spending restraints (except, dangerously, the military). During a recent Senate Budget Committee hearing, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said taxes would have a “chilling” effect on the economy at a time when we need to be getting the economy going again. However, he defended the expiration of the tax cuts in 2011 as happening when they anticipate the economy to be better. I asked the secretary at that time if the tax increases were contingent on a strong economy. He ducked the question, which says to me that taxes are scheduled to increase regardless of the state of the economy.

What Congress and now the administration has imposed on American families over the past six months spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much. High school students understand this; so should Congress! We need fiscal restraint in the form of responsible spending and tax policy, designed to reduce expenditures and refrain from unnecessarily penalizing the very sector of our economy in which the seeds of growth are found — small businesses. Instead, what we are faced with is unrestrained fiscal behavior in the form of irresponsible tax policy that includes massive spending and unchecked entitlement growth, and which utterly ignores debt. In New York City’s Times Square, the National Debt Clock is expected to be redesigned this year to accommodate $10 trillion. That many one-dollar bills lined up end-to-end would stretch to the moon and back at least 2,000 times. It’s time to take a step back and really evaluate what this means for our country’s future.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that millions (yes I said millions) of teabags were purchased for the protest. What are they trying to call attention to...spending or irony?