Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks Republicans!

Thanks GOP! I knew with your hatred and religious-nut views and racist and homophobia, that you would run that party into the ground. Hey folks, I am loving how the republican party is dwindling itself out of any real importance.With the announcement of Arlen Specter going over to the dems..I just loved it. These idiots have no idea that they are so out of step with society and science. And now they only ones left are a bunch of racist homophobes.dumbass robots who are relgious nuts. I am so happy to see this happen. Now we don't have to listen to them and they do not matter. We can now over look these nobodies now. They are irrelevant. Now with that said please do as I do and listen to the stupid right wing shows now and after every sentence imagine a laugh track. They have no leader no voice no platform.
Here is the funny part. A lot of them are hauling ass away from the party and claiming to be just conservative or libertarian in reality they are ashamed to be who they really are so they hide behind the titles. Please I want everyone to join me in kicking these guys when they are down.


Anonymous said...

Well what do you know:,0,2228388.story

Looks like science backs the idea that some groups are smarter than other groups. Of course only Jews would be allowed to touch this subject with a hundred mile pole.

Anonymous said...

Of all the major racial and ethnic groups in the United States, black Americans are the most likely to report a formal religious affiliation. Even among those blacks who are unaffiliated, three-in-four belong to the "religious unaffiliated" category (that is, they say that religion is either somewhat or very important in their lives), compared with slightly more than one-third of the unaffiliated population overall.

Core Demo=Obama supporters.