Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Libertarians Beware!!!

Okay listen up my fellow libertarians. Mark my words,the republican party is defunct and worthless. Now what you are going to see is the neo cons and their ilk now gravitating to the party and now claiming that they were libertarians all along. Please do not let this crime happen. These abject failures and their narrow ideas are not welcome to the party. Since they ran their party into the grounds now all of sudden they have our view. Let them stay with the party of Palin,Limbaugh,Jindal(who I used to like btw until I found out that this nutcase held a damn "exorcism" in a college dorm). I am so sorry but if you believe in exorcism and can state it with a straight face then you might as well have said that you are from Hogwarts and you like to fight hobbits all day with your dad Gandolf.

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Marcus said...

Have you noticed Ol' Billy O' has been runnin' around in a panic over his ratings. He needs something big, maybe some more phone sex suits.