Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Obama I have to tell ya ...great choice with Sotomayor. I have to pause because I still can't believe we have a smart president.Ok just as I figured the GOP are doing the stock schtick of faking outrage and making up stories. As much pleasure as I am taking in the death of the GOP,I must wonder ....are there any smart non racist people left in the party? Just a thought. Now you have GOPers saying well she is an affirmative action case. Great response republicans,now your telling the hispanics of this country not matter how hard you work or what good schools you go to(Princeton. You will never be good enough for them. The attack on this lady is appalling. Now to the thinking conservatives just read her record in the courts because no one else on your side is.


Anonymous said...

The woman is a member of Laraza meaning the race.

She spent most of her time pimping race issues for the advancement of her. Her Doctor Brother does not take people on Medicaid. She went to private schools.

The Republicans have no balls they might as well just get it over with and say that they are Democrats.

The future for the US does not look good.

I predict that Obama will declare Martial Law and then be declared King. Many of his rabid, uneducated, thug supporters will have no problem with that.

It is funny that you don't have a problem with a racis being appointed to the Court. Of course Obama is a racist as well.

'white peoples greed in a world of need.


Anonymous said...


At some point you liberals will have to quit blaming Bush. No doubt that Bush and the Republican Party caused big problems for the country but Obama and his rabid followers are out to make Bush look like a true fiscal Conservative. I don’t know why rich liberals don’t step up to the plate and pay their fair share of taxes say 90 percent. If the US dollar collapses all bets are off. The current administration is acting like all is well.

Anonymous said...


For a gun guy maybe you should rethink your love for this female Nazis.