Thursday, June 04, 2009


Look guys, Let me say this as calmly as I can. First of all Michael, you turned out to be a little hussy. You are not anything resembling a man. You are a pathetic joke of a bitch. The republicans don't like a darky in charge of the RNC. Now they are trying to get slowly rid of your ass or you resign whichever comes first. Now Palin,its not secret that you turned into a national joke. In addition your little Bristol was dropping it like its hot in your house with you there while she was getting nailed like a porn star by her boyfriend. This all happened while you taught your kids abstinence or so you say. Well I guess Alaska is so boring that the only thing to do is have sex and the girls let the boys put it in the naughty place. But that abstinence did not work while your daughter was getting five holed by that hockey player. What an idiot.Palin just listen to me, abstinence does not work!

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