Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Bitchslap Heard Around The World (About Damn Time)

Okay folks, this is why I decided not to criticize Obama until the second year. He whipped some republican ass the other day. This is how its done folks all you have to do is list the facts. They can't deal with facts. Here are some video of the ass whupping. I just loved how he took these lying bastards to the woodshed and kicked their asses. It was so bad Fox News had to cut away because they bitched up. Here is Stewart giving the play by play. Click on the link in the title to see how the American Spectator is spinning it. They can not admit or take responsibility for anything can they? Remember not one refutation from the repubs towards Obama not one know why?? Because they have been lying about him. I am sure they don't want cameras in there next time.

Here is the ass whipping in its entirety

Here is what the neo cons are bitching about. These people are insane that are making this up as they go along. excerpt:

This President is an arrogant, thin-Skinned, prevaricator and I could tear him
limb from limb (figuratively speaking) in a Q & A give-and-take.

That's not true. The President has the facts on his side.
All he has to do is list the facts and your Kung Fu is no good.

I am watching him act like a haughty, angry, self-righteous, self-reverential (insert appropriate noun)in his meeting with House Republicans right now, and he is lecturing them like they are teenagers.

If you thought Obama was angry and self-righteous in Baltimore, you ought to go a few rounds with me, asshole. I'll show you what anger and self-righteous looks like. All Obama did was answer questions and you don't like the way your small-minded bigots appeared on TV.

What an arrogant so-and-so...His tone was utterly inappropriate, his body language even worse.

You seem to think every horseshit charge you make will be taken seriously.
Truth is, Obama is the least combative Democrat in a generation.
He thinks you trogs are worthy of some respect - and you complain about that?

That was not a polite give-and-take (although Republicans were polite); it was a stern, rhetoric-filled, in-your-face lecture. He acts as if nobody ever has the right to question him seriously -- not only his are
they not to question his motives, but his assumpions, his purity, his conclusions, and his own sense of his
own exaltedness. This is a man with the soul of an authoritarian. And that is dangerous."
-- Quin Hillyer,

Monkey, blow it out your ass.You're angry because the Rethugs got their asses whipped and everybody got to see it.

You know it, I know it, the whore press knows it, Bob Dole knows it,
and thanks to Jon Stewart, the American people know it, too.

You wish you could go back in time and remove those TV cameras
but you can't and everyone saw your flunkies get taken to the woodshed.

Suck on it.

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