Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oh I Just Love This.

This is what these dummies have been reduce to doing. Enjoy!


Quin Hillyer wrote about Obama:

> "What an arrogant so-and-so...His tone was utterly inappropriate, his body language even worse."

Uppity, wasn't he?
Suzanne the pillar

Did you notice how they have to criticize him for imaginary things?
They can't find fault in his words because he just listed a bunch of facts.

So they go after his tone, his body language and "He acts as if..." and
"his sense of his own exaltedness."

Quin also called him a "prevaricator," which means liar, but of course,
he was unable to mention a single lie he told.

They have to attack him on intangibles
because he kicked their ass on all the tangibles.


LeeAnn said...

I met my first real life tea-bagger this weekend. He said we're losing all our freedoms, but couldn't name any specifics.
I think he musta really meant "The Freedom to be governed by a white man".

John said...

Good one LeeAnn !!!

To many of the "tea-bagger's" listen to Glen Beck and watch Fox News.

I work with a couple of tea-bagger's and its like talking to a 2 year old child. Of course a child doesn't know any better.

Anonymous said...

Hey LeeAnn how many freedoms did you lose under Bush now that your dear Empty Suit is following much along the same path that Bush laid out?

Talking to liberals gives me a headache. You need to go and hug an endangered spices preferably one with sharp teeth.