Saturday, February 06, 2010

Could Have Not Said It Better!

In other words they are too stupid to think anything else.

I have been saying this myself. This what makes the GOP the GOP they believe all of that stupid crap that comes out of Fox News.Please kick on title to see article.

If President Obama's recent face-to-face meeting with congressional Republicans had been a prizefight,
they'd have stopped it: Obama by TKO. It was such a mismatch that Fox News, unofficial network of the GOP,
basically conceded defeat by cutting away 20 minutes before it ended. Other networks showed it all.

"Republicans appeared to make the elementary mistake of believing their own ... um, propaganda.
Believe it or not, Obama's use of Teleprompters has convinced GOP stalwarts that he's kind of thick.
I get frequent e-mails to that effect from people who marveled at the wit and wisdom of George W. Bush.

I know, I know. That's what they think, is all I'm saying.

House Republicans shouldn't have allowed the encounter to be televised.
But then believing their own disinformation is basically what makes them Republicans."

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