Monday, May 10, 2010

Christian Nation My ASS!!!!

Well, crazy Sarah and the sexual harasser is at it again. Spewing the big lie that America is a christian nation. Well we all know that it is not. I will refer you to past blogs on my site to dispel this stupid rightwing lie. Remember folks this nation is only 90% christian in name only. Why you ask? Because if it was true how come there are no churches at 100% capacity on sunday morning? Because good christians lie to pollsters and sin as much as we do during the week. Sarah is a idiot and is not a real contender for anything. Remember this fake only appears in front of admirers only! Never any audiences outside of her own quackery,which only comprises 30% to 20% of the population. One stare into her vacant eyes and you know you are looking at a damn quack!Plus why does she talk like she is being edited with inflections and she has not heard of prepositions?

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Anonymous said...

Except he was talking about Christian's being killed and persecuted you fool.. Try reading all historical documents, not your atheist created memes and public school textbooks that are full of revision and attempts to tell people how to think