Monday, May 10, 2010

More Lies and Damned Lies.

When will this crap stop? I mean, I do not expect the wimpy democrats to call the lying right out on their outright lies. But now these anti-american conservatives are just saying whatever comes to mind. Please click on the links.

"We have a massive flood in Nashville, the president, as of now,
has yet to comment on it. I mean, loss of life, devastation, financial ruin."

- Sean Hannity, who never tells the truth when a lie can do more damage.

"FEMA and the White House could not have been more helpful in this thing.
FEMA was on the ground before the rain drops fell. We're very pleased with
the response we've gotten from the administration."

-TN Governor Phil Bredesen,


Marcus said...

I think their strategy, if they even have one, is to make up so much stupid bullshit that everyone is too busy telling them they're wrong when we should just be ignoring the assholes and progressing without them.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious they are employing the same tactics used by the Nazi's and the US right wing movement. Create a fervor by pointing-out that said group (Obama) is bad for the country, even if this means distorting or making-up facts. As a matter of fact, my taxes did go down last year. Try to tell a Teabagger or Rightie this and, there best response is "oh that's bullshit." OK, so where does the conversation go from there? They have no facts to back them up, just opinions. And you know what they say about opinions!

Anonymous said...

The difference is that in New Orleans the welfare dependents were totally stupefied as to what do to without their welfare handlers there to tell them what to do.
No different than animals in a zoo.