Monday, July 19, 2010

Dumber Is As Dumber Does!

"He is a race batter too and has no problems showing his ignorance about GOD. He claims he was a Christian once (once mind you) and a Muslim(cant stand pork) and a Buddhist(looks like one) oh and he also was harassed as being the waldo rapist because he fit the profile.(rape with what?) He is everything to himself but nothing to anyone. Very self centered and any post that makes him look a fool he doesn't post. Why do you think he reviews them before posting comments. You are lucky he posted your comment. Now think about this one. How is it you get fired from a volunteer radio station?...LMAO!!!"

- Bigdog lying on and insulting me because he feels insecure that he is a bad speller.

This is a quote from a guy who call himself bigdog. I will refrain from insulting him too much because unlike him I actually have substance and facts and do not need to engage in ad hominem attacks. Ok lets see where should we start, I did used to be a Christian and a Muslim...that's true. I never was and never have claimed to be a Buddhist,I am puzzled where he got that one from(probably pulled it from that over sized fat gelatinous ass of his) Oops I forgot no ad hominem attacks...I was never harassed as the Waldo rapist but I was questioned by police. plus I am no longer at KKFI but not due to what bigdog is trying to allude to. There is a whole site dedicated to what really happened and since bigdog can't read or spell he is not an accurate source of information on anything. He is a pathetic sad individual and reading my blogs is the highlight of his life. Plus he wants to insult me. I post all postings unless they contain racial insults(that's why I review them.)The fact I post the opposition is not luck its how I work.


Anonymous said...

ON two or three occasions you haven't posted my stuff and, with each instance i was refuting an "I DEFY" decree and guess what? i did and proved you wrong, at least two were very strong rebuttals and it never contained any racism, you your less than intellectual sustaining self for the lesser aloof-ans you cater to. Ye i made that word up, but effective intelligence is often thought provoking and, without thought, people wouldn't be able to change.

So yes, i defy you to reproduce my posts and/or correct your slogan. But we all know you wont, because it would make you look bad and damage that ego of yours.


I defy you to produce a police report proving you were questioned. What you said on air was different, you said you were profiled. To say you were profiled...well were you questioned on the street? and/or accused of being the rapist? Your story doesn't jive man. Ill give you a chance to convince me you didn't lie about this on air. But your excuse will be, i don't have to convince you of anything and i know that but either way your not that honest in your convictions.

You see Anthony i monitor busters like set you straight and/or the record straight as much as possible. You don't like it one bit and i caught your boy John in a lie elsewhere and i have to set his ass straight also.

Now i don't really care about your removal from the airwaves. I rejoiced actually. Knowing someone like you cant taught their rhetoric but like the radio waves you have a dump button here as well and it serves you cowards well.


Now go fetch my coffee BITCH!! (ye coming strong with the pimp hand!!)

Anthony said...

Dog just give it up you are delusional. First some quick points here. Police reports are only generated when a crime is believed to have been committed.No reports are generated when you are being interviewed. I was interviewed which was part of an ongoing investigation. The detectives took field notes and every so often they gave me what we call a brief back, but that's it.I committed no crime therefore no crn number. Now as far as profiling ..I fit the profile of the suspect hence being questioned. You can be profiled anywhere not just in the street. I was not accused of being that guy but I had to be questioned to be excluded. Now bigdog obviously everytime you open your mouth you show your ignorance of everything.Now to be accused they would have had to have had some airtight evidence against me. But since it was the unit investigating a possible lead all the detectives did was follow up.

Anonymous said...


I got your boy right here!!. You didn't set me straight at anything on what I was posting on the so-called philly voter intimidation case in 2008. (So-called because it was hyped up by FoxNews and Conservative talk radio to get people like you pissed off!!.)

Here is your problem. Your pissed because this Shabazz asshole made a stupid speech about killing cracker babies. The guy should be called out for the racist-assklown that he is. But he doesn't represent the view of mainstream black america. (GET THAT IN YOUR THICK SKULL!!!) He isn't linked at all to the Obama administration,NAACP,and other mainstream civil rights organizations. This is the game that the right has to play against Obama and that is what's sad.

I stand by my post on the JFiles on this issue. What you want me to do is agree with you 100% on your conclusions. I don't!!!. I stand with you and other people (black and white) in calling the NBP a bunch of racist-clowns and I denounce what that Shabazz ass-hole said!!.

Be clear on what you are pissed about and get your facts straight before you sound off.

With respect,


Anonymous said...

Well Anthony thanks for clarifying your predicament, concerning the rapist thing. I actually think you made it up but who cares.

Now reproduce my ignorance rebutting your pronounced "I defy you" creed. You didn't post it because it made you look bad and it defied you. Furthermore your information like Johns was bogus and the info i provided shown it as such.

I'm not pissed John and you give FOX news to much credit. I'm just disappointed in your falsehood. John you can stand on false info all you want, it still doesn't make you right. OB-DOJ dropped the case and not the lied. I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt OB-DOJ was pursuing this matter, last dated by a 2009 affidavit. I will hold you accountable for your erroneous information and call you on it. You still have yet to respond to either correct it or admit you were ill-informed. You know this one below, the first point i proved to be false...oh and you admit Shabbaz was involved in the intimidation.

John said: "The Bush Administration's DOJ, not the Obama DOJ made the decision not to pursue criminal charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for alleged vote intimidation at a polling center in Nov 2008."

Why haven't you retracted your statement then??