Monday, July 05, 2010

Mexican Hate???????

I was listening to a local radio show and boy do they hate Mexicans. I mean how come no one is advocating anything against the real way terrorists and illegals are getting into this country...Legally! They get visas and then overstay their welcome. But I digress lets get back to the Mexican hate because we love to hate mexicans disguised as being against illegal immigration. Plus don't give me that illegal aliens do crimes because so do non-illegals. Also there is this lie about Obama waited 18 days(Darla J said that one) to respond to spill(big fat lie). Please click on link and I defy anyone of you do debunk these facts?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeh i remember this one.... i defy anyone to dispute the facts. I disputed others before and with you using the same rhetorical comment but you never posted my rebutal. You must be

Whats SO different now?

BTW im still waiting for you to post my response about WTC7 its only been 2 weeks or so. You must not like the facts as you put it.

In fact i defy you to post those things you chose not to post....oh thats right it makes you look stupid.

BTW your landminebilly take last night was FAKE as hell. I heard you smoozing with him about being called an uncle tom and how its a badge of honor. You never called him out on anything but you sure did last night on MTJs show. COWARD!!!

Darla Jays fake cousin Tony.


Anthony said...

Gosh Bigdog you have no grasp of reality. That was a particular call I made on a particular subject. Anyway find the evidence to refute it or just shut up and stop reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have refuted your bullshit in the past and you never post my rebutal.

Again what has changed? Did you grow a pair?


Anonymous said...

I recently met Darla Jaye's former producer. He told me that Darla is real nice and that she does a lot of things to get ratings and that is all it is about her. Conservative talk radio is full off fake phony former Dj's who stoked the sheep to get ratings.

These people don't like to be taken on about thier views. Try calling Darla or Chris Stigall and state you disagree with them on a issue. Two things will happend.You get cutoff or you are ushered off real fast and not allowed to finish a point.


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