Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Guess God Is Not All Powerful After All.Damn You God!

Whats is wrong with Bobby (bigEared)Jindal? Allowing guns in churches. Why? I thought you Jesus people were protected by the blood of Jesus and that was enough to protect you from harm. Or did you guys realize what I have always known is that you Jesus people are full of shit when it comes to your religious beliefs and you know its worthless. Because aren't you guys always nagging people about how powerful God is? Except if a gunmen breaks in the church and starts spraying down your congregation with bullets.Because if God is all powerful he can stop the bullets right? That's like saying I know the holy father protects us in church from danger... but just in case I have my gun...what a joke!

The great George Carlin predicted this trend years ago:)


B said...

Your statements here are even more ignorant than when some Christians try to blame "the devil" for everything bad that happens. There is a concept called free-will that is not exclusive to any particular religious beliefs. Bad things happen. It's a fact of life. Christians know that they aren't bullet-proof and that humanity is a long way from the garden of Eden. Jesus offers a layer of protection from "evil" influences, it doesn't make us physically invincible and most Christians do understand that.

Perhaps your nick-name has gone to your head or I guess you could be one of those who tries to equate Republicans with Christians. Well just in case so you know, all republicans AREN'T Christians and a ton of democrats ARE Christians. If you think for a second that media-hyped politicians represent Christianity then you are mistaken. Like Sarah Palin, she might actually be a Christian but she also seems to be as dumb as a box of rocks and her attitude of 'do whatever you want and just ask for forgiveness later' is not how Christianity is supposed to work. Most of the things that you hear in your over-exposure to political media do not actually represent majorities of free-thinking people.

This is an extremist and hateful game you are playing here, sir.


Anonymous said...

He is a race batter too and has no problems showing his ignorance about GOD. He claims he was a Christian once (once mind you) and a Muslim(cant stand pork) and a Buddhist(looks like one) oh and he also was harassed as being the waldo rapist because he fit the profile.(rape with what?) He is everything to himself but nothing to anyone. Very self centered and any post that makes him look a fool he doesn't post. Why do you think he reviews them before posting comments. You are lucky he posted your comment. Now think about this one. How is it you get fired from a volunteer radio station?...LMAO!!!


Anonymous said...

Anthony said...

Well, lets see the second part of your comment I have no idea where you are coming from with that since I never made the comment anywhere that all republicans are christians or anything else dealing with your comment. I have no idea why you even brought it up. Now as for the first part of your posting I can tell you obviously have not read my entire blog and going off half cocked. I actually agree with you and that's what I was actually trying to say. When I talk about christians I am talking about the fundamentalists the people who wants to change the school science books and other text books and infuse themselves into national politics and make us just as close minded as they are with bigotry. Your viewpoint does not represent a majority view of christians because the ones I keep running into are diehard fundamentalists. Now I agree bad things just happen and it has nothing to do with god or the devil. It's just how life is. Now with that said there is a movement from religious crazies from christians to muslims to force people into their backwards way of thinking and I oppose that with all my heart. Science Logic and reason is the way not religious superstition and their outmoded way of thinking. The christians and muslims do nothing to reign in the nutbags on their side. The religion can be a beautiful thing but I draw the line at what they are tying to do with it. My view is hey religion has helped people all over the world so keep up the good work just stay out of politics,public schools,science and the courthouses and I will be just fine. :)

Michael T Justice said...

I'm sorry Anthony, I guess I got confused too. When you said: "Or did you guys realize what I have always known is that you Jesus people are full of shit when it comes to your religious beliefs and you know its worthless." what you meant was My view is hey religion has helped people all over the world so keep up the good work..."

Help me out with your logic here: "your viewpoint does not represent a majority view of christians because the ones I keep running into are diehard fundamentalists." I don't want to put words in your mouth (that's why I'm cutting and pasting)but it sounds like you're assigning the majority view of over a billion people on the ones you've met. If I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meet 50 hard core fundamentalists a day for a solid 10 years (10x365 x50 =182,500/ 1,000,000,000= .001825), i'd have to wonder about the usefulness of that sampling. Oops, i forgot to add in the leap years.

Anthony said...

Well Mike the problem is, is that you are cutting and pasting. Because here is the actual quote.."My view is hey religion has helped people all over the world so keep up the good work just stay out of politics,public schools,science and the courthouses and I will be just fine. :)" You see mike when you take it out of context you give it a different meaning. Now the 2.1 billion that claim to be christian around the world have one thing in common. They believe that if you don't accept Jesus as your personal savior then you will burn in hell....Do you agree with that? Religion has done good around the world no one denies that. But what I mean is worthless is the magical thinking of god always protects them and that just a lot of bull.Has prayer ever cured a major disease? If so show me the proof that's medically backed up. Why did god allow the 9 11 to happen? the lazy answer to those well its just gods will and we can't question that. Translation thats a hard question so I am going to give you this bullshit answer. Religion loves to tell you all this gods will stuff when things go wrong. That's because they do not have a good answer.

B said...


I believe that Jesus saves, sometimes even angry heathens. The Christians I believe that you mostly hear from are the extremists, that is where the second paragraph of my statement came from. You have to realize that most politicos especially on TV and radio are generally extremists and do not represent a majority of any group. No I have not read your entire blog and I don't need to for this discussion. If we are mostly in agreement then there is no reason to talk all that shit on good people. I think that actual Christian principles could improve many different aspects of this insane society we live in. I believe that GOD gave us all free will, that doesn't mean that my religion is bullshit that just means that people can do whatever they want. I don't think that Jeffrey Dahmer was doing GOD's will. People have free will to do bad things, wether it's taking someone's stuff to kicking someone when they're down to destroying buildings with people inside. If it's something little that goes unreported or something big that gets a lot of media attention it's still people using their free will.

You're right that I did go off half cocked. I ran my mouth there a bit too much partially out of anger and I didn't really take time to think about what I was saying. But I know where that anger comes from. Anger because I'm sick of hearing people persecute Christians just for being Christians and I fear that that attitude is spreading. And anger because for some reason I can't shake the feeling that you are an alright dude even when I'm shown otherwise. However you reason and justify things I see now that you are angry and afraid. That can be a good thing, that is known to happen at the beginnings of new realizations. We react angrily out of instinct for survival and that can be a very good thing in the right situation but it can of course turn out bad. But when I stop and think about what I'm really afraid of, there is only GOD. Perhaps that's what you are afraid of and that can be a good thing too. Jesus can help you through it if you let Him.
It doesn't matter to me if you post this or not. I'm not very good at preachy stuff but if you do want to chat privately sometime about whatever this is the email address that I check currently -


Anthony said...

Oh I am not afraid. I do not believe in the man upstairs. I personally feel its childish and irrational to believe such nonsense..First of all you have some Christians who persecute lots of people for their lifestyles or being different. But yet they claim to be victims. Now of course I do not mean all Christians but you have the some who engage in this bigotry and the others never seem to want to reign them in. You can take the good from all religions(not just Christians)and improve your life. But there are values that don't get preached in church on suns due to the nature of them.

Marcus said...

Say there are two people, if the only thing you know about them is that one is atheist and the other is christian, the atheist is better. Of course, people are more than that but, it illustrates a point. Also, those ridiculous religions have a tendency to bleed into other areas. For example, the christian would also be more likely to deny other people's rights like gay people. You christians need to keep that shit in the closets and get rid of those gaudy churches with the molestors in dresses and FFS stop acting like that shit is real.

B said...

Well, that's real tolerant of you Marcus

B said...


I don't pretend to understand how everything works. Here is what I do know. I know that some people pray for GOD to intercede in their lives. I also know that some people pray that they themselves may do GOD's will. Exactly how those intersect is beyond my understanding but I know that they do intersect. I know that GOD works through people in incomprehensible ways that are powerful and amazing.

So atheists are just better than Christians? I guess I'm dense so what point is that supposed to illustrate?

You CAN'T prove that my religion isn't real but I however CAN prove that your religion isn't real. Your religion is based on nothing more than an assumption.

I guess about half of Christians are Catholics and both groups condemn the molesters and FFS stop acting like you know everyfuckingthing.

I think you must watch too much tv or something because you, much like AEG, seem to have a tendency to assume that a few nuts represent a whole group of people. Like the rediculous comparisons on this blog that equate tea partiers with snake handlers. If you have to resort to tactics like that then your position is weak.

You've got the right to be as gay as you want to be. I'm not gay but I don't have the right to marry another man either. And personally I think that if they want to call it a civil union instead of a marriage then same-sexes should be able to get hitched, marriage is mainly a religious term anyway. If you had your way tell me that you wouldn't outlaw churches because you know you would. The same hypocrasies exist in human beings inside or outside of religions.

I don't believe for a second that either of you are stupid, perhaps you're just so pissed that you can't see straight, I've been there myself many times. I am truly sorry that whoever pissed in your wheaties and soured you on religions but the majority of Christians had nothing to do with it.

I got burned by a gay guy who kicked me and my friend out of his boarding house because we wouldn't put out and we ended up homeless on the streets because of it. Then while living outside, another dude offered me money under the pretense of work but then tried to put his hands all over me and that's one reason why I learned how to properly defend myself. I was a bit soured on gays to say the least but then I had a long conversation with a gay dude who didn't try anything and helped me to understand that some people just act like jerks regardless of sexual orientation. I only met the dude once and I don't even remember his name but my thinking changed that day about a lot of things. I have had some gay friends since, one currently, and I have even met some very cool gay people at a church I used to attend, Broadway Baptist in westport. I had a good friend who passed away named Tracy who was very much a lesbian and gave me the nickname Brudogg. I guess that I could have held a grudge against all gays but then I would have missed out on some fun times and some very cool people. I've had a few crooked cop incidents too but I don't hate cops either.

Anyway... fuck I don't know... Peace out.

B said...

No matter how bad we screw things up, GOD has a plan to make things workout. To me it's kinda like 'GOD's got an app for that'

Marcus said...

It fits my definition of "tolerant", Bruce. That's the most you can expect me to do about religion, tolerate it- like I tolerate stupid and or smelly people. It tells you in your stupid book that if folks aren't persecuting you, you ain't doin' it right. So, you're gonna have to deal with persecution if you want to associate yourself with such ignorant shit.

B said...


(to haters, this is just an example)
So if I said to a room full of people - "Say there are two people, if the only thing you know about them is that one is white and the other is black, the white is better. Of course, people are more than that but, it illustrates a point." - now would that also fit your definition of tolerant? You must be joking.

You're right though that I should probably get used to people talking shit about Christians but that is something that I'm really sick of hearing and I do not wish to tolerate. I would think that you would understand that.

Religion aside, I've been persecuted just for being who I am my whole life. I could never fit in with the "normal" folks no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't do most of the things that they could like sit still or pay attention or repeat the same task for hours at a time no matter how hard I tried. I can tune in for short spurts or fake it sometimes but for for the most part I can't relate and I have yet to find a way to even function in society. I have a pretty good idea of what i can't do well, so nowadays I try to focus on what i can do. Finding strengths in weaknesses and so forth. I know what it is to be persecuted even outside of actions just for being who you are and it sucks. I try really hard not to do it.

I think it's stupid to put something IN the OUT-hole but I support their right to do it. It takes all kinds to make the community go round so as long as they don't try to put anything in me then we cool.

Outside of all the insults you do make some valuable points, thank you.

Marcus said...

Judging people by the color of their skin is dumb. Judging people by what they think makes sense. Funny that the religious person is far more likely to judge by the color of the skin. Life is too complicated for any one person to understand everything about it but, once you get rid of the imaginery make-believe magical king of never never land, you're forced to make sense of things using what you can actually prove. Alot changes and alot stays the same, I hope you get there.

Bruce said...

Marcus, I wish you well too.

I know that I can't prove anything on my own.
I've learned that good intentions alone are not enough and that I'm a really stubborn dude.

Peace man