Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I s The Big Deal ?????


What is the big deal here? I mean we all know how I feel about beauty contestants(its legendary)right? Leave this woman alone. So what she entered a stripper contest once.At least she kept her clothes on and plus she is more naked in the other pic. She looks damn good, she is sexy and hot and she is a muslim too boot(how freaky sexy)whose your allah baby whose your allah baby!!!! I digress, Now some bigot accused her of all kinds of stupid things linking her to terrorism. Then some one sent in these pics. What difference does it make. All contestants have a dark past. I am proud of having her represent our country.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teabaggers = Racist !!!! (Big Surprise)

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Okay folks just hear me out. I got an email from a teabagger(I was shocked that they could even type) who was mad that I referred to them as "teabaggers" and liars. Well what I meant to add is they want the white house to stay white. They cannot articulate why they are mad even though the facts do not support them. Check this out.

"Amid complaints about high taxes and calls for a smaller government, Americans paid their lowest level of taxes last year since Harry Truman's presidency, says USA TODAY.Teabaggers have criticized federal spending as being out of control.
While spending is up, taxes have fallen to exceptionally low levels.

Federal, state and local taxes - including income, property, sales and other taxes - consumed 9.2% of all personal income in 2009, the lowest rate since 1950, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reports. That rate is far below the historic average of 12% for the last half-century. The overall tax burden hit bottom in December
at 8.8.% of income before rising slightly in the first three months of 2010."

tI hink the teabagger movement is all smoke and no substance.
Yes, Bennett lost in Utah because the insane teabaggers run the Utah primary.
The TBs are also getting a boost from the fact that they have no leader.
There's nobody to go on tv and take questions.

If we could pin one of them down and ask, "What exactly do you want "back?"
they'd have no reply and that would make them look stupid-er.

The TBs stand for racism they hate that you-know-what in the White House
and they don't care if they're better off - they want that nigger gone.
And thast all there is and ever was to the teabag movement folks. So Palin and any other supporter of the teabaggers this is who they really are.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And They Picked On John Edwards.

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Looks like this teabagging repub had a secret family. Hmm what is this lie about family values?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Christian Nation My ASS!!!!

Well, crazy Sarah and the sexual harasser is at it again. Spewing the big lie that America is a christian nation. Well we all know that it is not. I will refer you to past blogs on my site to dispel this stupid rightwing lie. Remember folks this nation is only 90% christian in name only. Why you ask? Because if it was true how come there are no churches at 100% capacity on sunday morning? Because good christians lie to pollsters and sin as much as we do during the week. Sarah is a idiot and is not a real contender for anything. Remember this fake only appears in front of admirers only! Never any audiences outside of her own quackery,which only comprises 30% to 20% of the population. One stare into her vacant eyes and you know you are looking at a damn quack!Plus why does she talk like she is being edited with inflections and she has not heard of prepositions?

More Lies and Damned Lies.

When will this crap stop? I mean, I do not expect the wimpy democrats to call the lying right out on their outright lies. But now these anti-american conservatives are just saying whatever comes to mind. Please click on the links.

"We have a massive flood in Nashville, the president, as of now,
has yet to comment on it. I mean, loss of life, devastation, financial ruin."

- Sean Hannity, who never tells the truth when a lie can do more damage.

"FEMA and the White House could not have been more helpful in this thing.
FEMA was on the ground before the rain drops fell. We're very pleased with
the response we've gotten from the administration."

-TN Governor Phil Bredesen,

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Just Saying!!!!!

Good thing the GOP ain't racist....JUST SAYIN :)

NIce Being Well Hung.

More from Tima.

A Hung parliament is one in which no one political party has an outright majority, and means it is most commonly equally balanced.

The Queen can step in and invite a party leader to be Prime minister of the House of Commons but this is not wise of her to do as she can displease the public. Normally the Queen would be guided by advice of her prime minister, who is the monarch’s principal adviser on all UK constitutional issues but in a hung parliament the sitting Prime minister is not neutral therefore not wise to take advise from her.

The fervent wish within Buckingham Palace will be that the political leaders can determine amongst themselves who is in the best position to command the support of the House of Commons.

To get an overall majority in Parliament you need to have enough Mp’s of 326, The Conservatives had 306, Labour 258 and Liberal Democrats 57. There are 646 seats leaving 26 left to others. It would be easier to try a coalition party with Liberal democrats then with others as they are so many parties but that is also an option. When forming a coalition party you have as a party compromise and this can be hard. In this election the power of demands leaves the Liberals Democrats in a very good position.

For Labour to win majority in Parliament: Lab = 258 Lib Dem= 57 SNP (Scottish National Party) = 6 PC (Plaid Cymru) = 3 SDLP (Social Democratic & Labour Party) =3 OK? 258+57+6+3+3= 327

For Conservatives to win majority in Parliament: Con = 306 Lib Dem = 57 OK? 363
More from Tima
Maybe now in a Hung Parliament there will be more focus on the House of Commons gets greater and gives more power to the people and just many this shows the weakness in the system of a winner takes it all system and maybe lead to a system reform to a multiparty system? Hung parliament would be a good thing for democracy in the longer term as it would get people asking fundamental questions about the political process something which I feel have been neglected for a while now.

I feel in the question of the financial crisis it’s been a little like the swine flu, no one knows where it came from and no one has taken responsibility for it. Governments have dismissed it as a rootless phenomenon that just occur out of no where, rather than an effect of poor management and a system that needs reform. In the 1930 ‘s rose Keynesian policies in The United States. The Great Depression was a main factor in the implementation of social democracy and planned economies in European countries after World War II. Today as no one has taken responsibility the financial crisis is a UFO and people are too lazy and comfortable at the moment, not much is happening from people’s side. My feeling though is that it won’t be long until the problem is so big it can’t any longer be swiped under that carpet, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal need urgent help with their economies 1.000 Milliard Euros to be exact. Out of a financial political perspective these tool have already been used as far as lowering tax and increasing public spending. One solutions it to have the central bank keep their low rate longer and to “print money”. Now if after the short Economic still hasn’t recovered or goes to better we don’t really have many to any, tools as they have been already used up and all hell breaks loose.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Nice pic!

The correct way to hold on in a moving train.

I meant the old guy by the door....Really ...You pervs.:)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Is That A Real Channel?

This is a posting from my dear friend Tima from Europe. She will now be posting here also in addition to myself..BTW you Palinista's and Fox news watchers unlike my other readers, I really do not expect any of you to respond intelligently to any of her postings(its way over your head)so do not let me down... Thanks!! She is in London now reporting on the political situation there.

Never before have there been so many copy cats in politics. Upper class immolating lower class and lower class immolations upper. Good old Labour parties drinking champagne with caviar in fancy hotels paid by you the tax payer. Royalist acting like they are from poor hard working families saying things like “when I was little I had it hard, I as you, went to public school”.

But it’s not just in politics we see a delusion of classes, it’s amongst the people this illusionary idea of belonging to another class really sits. Today a low income family can enjoy all the luxuries as a high income family, in fact no one can tell the difference. They wear the same designer cloths from the same factory just one pay theirs for a smaller price. They eat the same food, watch the same shows, and go to the same websites. You ask a lower class income family “Are you poor?” They’d probably say “Not really just wished I had more”. There is really nothing that an upper class has anymore that a lower class can’t get. What does this do to politics? A lot as far as votes goes because now you can have a lower class vote for someone that basically wants to take away their rights.

Granted there is nothing wrong with bettering the standard of the lower class but in politics, it does not posses the polarizations of the parties, it can stagnate the development of society. I say this because it is in the polarization that we can find new innovating solutions for upcoming and currant financial problems as well as social. Do we need more government intervention or less? Do we need more money to public sectors?

We have lower income families voting for David Cameron who plans to reduce the numbers of Mp’s in the House of Commons with 10%. That’s 10% less power for the people who have voted for representatives. On the other hand we have Labour who wants to cut the house of Lords with 50%. Now that is basically the only thing I could get out of the debate that was different about them. They all want better healthcare, better school, better police. One want’s to cut down on everything which is Cameron who as he said like any business does and have had to do and Gordon wants to keep borrowing to keep up the economy to not put it to a halt. This is also confusing as traditionally a Labour party for the workers wouldn’t borrow but more save and a Conservative would normally borrow to invest. The fact is it’s hard to tell them apart of who is who and what they want. How will you as a voter then vote? Politics is and has always been a reflection of society and the poor feels rich and the rich feels average. So we get politics that is just that average, in the middle no clear lines as to what is what and what they will do for us.