Thursday, January 06, 2011

Issa WTF You Say?


It's important to note that just simply saying something does not make it true. Case in point Daryl Issa(R- Lying Ass) says Obama's administration is THE most corrupt in history .Hmmm it what way sir? Obviously Issa is full of crap and I think he may be smart enough to know it. I think he is pandering to the nutjobs who listen to talk radio and watch Fox News. Because a quick check of the facts lets you discover how inaccurate that statements is. The next time (their will be one believe me) you hear a rooty poot Fox news watcher repeat this just simply say...Has anyone from the Obama administration been indicted, no less convicted of corruption related charges?The most corrupt president of modern time...s was not W, it was not W's father. It was not Clinton and it was not Nixon.

It was Ronald Reagan. There were at least 225 indictments and there were at least over 20 people convicted of corruption charges, and many of them of multiple counts. I'm not counting anyone who's case was overturned on appeal, like Ollie North. I am counting those that HW pardoned before he left office, though.

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