Thursday, January 06, 2011


"Health Care reform is causing folks(present tense)not to be able to get health care...There are a lot of insurance companies that are just saying 'We’re not going to
be in this business any longer, because we know that we can’t survive..."
- TN GOP Rep Diane Black, (R-Lying Ass)

OH OH Ms Black, I'm calling your bluff. I got $150 that says you're lying.
Please list the insurance companies that have gone out of business since January 3, 2011.Please list some people who have been denied health care since January 3, 2011 because of Obamacare.When you insist they put their money where their mouth is the liars always back down.


Anonymous said...

So how is it your bet makes sense? Are you indeed implying that there is no evidence of insurance companies "are saying" they will be shutting down the HC arm of their company. Keep in mind the context is about HC, not auto, home and life and other divisions.

"National Health, Aetna, John Alden, and Principal all have told the state’s Division of Insurance that they will no longer write individual or small group plans in New Mexico, according to a Public Regulation Commission spokesman."

She didnt say that Insurance companies are shutting down. She did say "they are saying" and they are shutting down HC coverages and for you to assume that insurance companies have "gone out of business" (your spin) is idiotic. Cancelations. Not underwriting any more HC policies in any state would in fact be considered insurance companies and i quote "We’re not going to
be in "this business" any longer, because we know that we can’t survive".

Writting state insurance officials and giving them 180 day advance warning of their intentions would prove the senators statement accurate. Compared to what the senator said and what you are trying to spin, well i wouldnt place that bet.

Principal insurance may not be shutting its doors; but closing a division of their company pertaining to the health side of insurance coverages both group and individual HC coverage would indeed be considered "SAYING" we cant survive due to OBcare mandates/regulations. Thus, would in fact show they are "sayin" and now doing what it takes to remain viable, they may not or will not survive state by state in the HC arena thus saying they shutting that divisional("this business") door. So selling off old policies to competitors is their way out. Hence cross state policies are up for cancellations and no more will be written as well.

"Apparently Principal is coordinating with United Health Care to transfer an estimated 3,600 insured consumers to United (replacement policies),” Garner wrote The Independent on Monday. “Principal is withdrawing from all group medical markets and exiting the medical insurance business in all of the company’s existing markets.”

See letter attached

Anonymous said...

Talking about another stupid comment!!!.

Local KC talker Mike Shanin said that President Obama should say he is sorry for contributing to the toxic climate that led to the mass shooting on 1/8/2011 in Tuscon.

Okay!!!. Maybe I'm living in a alternative universe but can somebody explain to me why should Obama apologize for the shooting in Tuscon?.

Anonymous said...

It's called sarcasm, google it on yahoo.