Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Make His Day!!

Hey guys, just a word from your friendly neighborhood Anthony.This is a new era ok. This guy is not F**king around. The people he appoints will be about business and none of this crazy religio-neo con crap you got from the dummy in chief. All you Fox news viewers have every right to be scared. You guys will witness what competency and ethics are really about. Oh btw this is not a bad dream you guys really lost and really big too.This guy flipped eight red states and got the most electoral votes. McCain on the other hand..well.....did not.Oh yeah Osama Bin Ladin your bitch ass just got put on notice. Your new enemy is a thinker who actually accomplishes the objectives he sets out to do and does it very very very well(ask McCain)and will take your terrorist bitch ass and quickly dispatch you to Allah in the next world. So to everyone else please keep and move your closed minded ass to the side...because the grown ups are in charge again.

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