Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok officially Herman Cain is a typical talkradio listening know nothing about issues conservative dumbass. I never thought I would see someone dumber than Palin and Bush....I was wrong! These guys pride themselves on knowing nothing and sounding as if they do by using word salads. I am so sick of these guys from Perry to Palin to Bachmann to Cain. I mean, notice how uncomfortable he looks when he knows he does not know the answer, so he starts speaking in general terms and fidgeting.He has no idea about Libya or anything else he is talking about. Have you ever had a discussion with these people and they sit there and gloss over the facts. I mean for chrissakes he actually said that China is starting nuclear testing and can have nuclear weapons soon. Well I guess he did not know that have had the bomb for 47 years.
My friends at the Young Turks explains this gem so wonderfully.


John said...

This guy is a total dumbass!. He
doesn't know what he is talking about and he is typical of the Republican party as a whole.

TF said...

Why did this guy even try to run for office with a closet full of bones? I mean he's got to be an idiot and he must think that everybody else is an idiot too judging from his response to his newest deal. Glad he didn't actually get elected.

"Herman Cain said Thursday that he was helping Ginger White with her “month-to-month bills and expenses” and that his wife did not know about the payments or the friendship with the woman, who has alleged that the two had an extramarital affair."