Saturday, November 12, 2011

Not Again!


Now God told Herman Cain to run. Where do the these nutjobs come from? I mean God told Bachmann to run also. Either God really talked to these people or they are batshit crazy. My prediction is that Cain will not win the nomination.Trust me there is a better chance of Heavy D and John Lennon doing a rap cd together with Biggie Smalls.


TF said...

They might be nuts but not for having feelings. I suspect that at one time or another we have all had an almost irresistible urge to do some good deed or take on a task that seems out of character but just feels right, perhaps that's what some of these politicians mean when they say that God is telling them to run for office, they certainly aren't saying that God spoke the actual words to them but rather that God put it on their hearts.

We can't really know if they are lying or not until/unless they claim that God wants them to torture and murder people overseas through wars or some such, then the religious and the non-religious could both know for sure they are lying. Could you imagine a day when people couldn't tell? It's been that way for a very long time. Like a time when a politician claims say that God is calling them to launch drone strikes in order to conquer the middle east for the new world order? Things like that have happened before so they could again and it seems to me they do right now.

Religious or not i think most people know the basic storyline of Christianity, that among other things, Jesus believed so strongly in 'turn the other cheek' and 'love thy enemies' that he sacrificed himself to save everybody's souls even the ones that killed Him. How could anyone claim to be following Jesus yet condone cold-blooded murder? I don't see how they could be any more blatantly unChristian. It's like a big flashing neon sign on their heads that reads "BULLSHIT" yet they rarely even get called on that. It's just ridiculous and i don't understand why or how people keep falling for it. I think the first step for politically brainwashed Christians is admitting there is a problem there and seeing the disconnect. One would think that people would wake up on mass and revolt when an "official" or "king" claims to be killing in the name of Jesus but history has shown that is not generally the case.

Religions are not the biggest mindfucks going on; governments are though, hands down. Governmental systems have been responsible for way more atrocities than religions. Aren't governments just mental constructs anyway? I remember when i was a just a little dude for some reason i thought it actually meant something when we would pass through counties and over state lines on roadtrips. When i got older i saw those imaginary lines for they really are, just different states of mass mind-control, programming that we are born into and accept because we are given very little choice in the matter. And these tribal groupthink mentalities like political parties, religions, races, etc keep us fighting amongst ourselves over small-minded crap while some of the biggest lies corruptions and obvious manipulations go largely unchallenged.

That's all i've got to say about thaat

John said...

I tend not to trust anyone that says he or she is running for political office because God told them to. (It might thier imagination!!!).

I think that most people that run for political office try to do the right thing but they get caught up in staying in office especialy when making a buck is involved.

It's a big reason I don't trust anyone that claim to be christan that is in politics because they tend to do some real unchristan like things.

TF said...

"A new study by Marcus Arvan, PhD appearing in the peer-reviewed research journal, Neuroethics, shows conservative value judgments on the death penalty, gay marriage, free markets, the right to go to war against UN resolutions, and detention of suspected terrorists without trial, to be related to three dark and anti-social personality traits: Machiavellianism (deception), narcissism (overinflated sense of self-worth), and psychopathy (absence of guilt or remorse)."

TF said...

Yeah I hear ya John, I don't trust Obama either.

John said...


I tend not to trust any politico
that invokes God every time they want to do something or run for office.

I don't recall President Obama ever saying "God told me to run for office". I have heard him say he is a christan and he prays for spiritual guidance but I think most of us do that. If not then well Good for you!!!

TF said...

I tend to not trust any politicos period, and i also pray.