Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hey, the next time some lowly Fox News watcher tries to lie to you about how the GOP is trying to make jobs happen and Obama and the Dems are stonewalling. Just remember this little fact.


Anonymous said...

Pssssst!!! Hey LDB!!

Dont ever be intelectualy honest it would suprise me.

Jobs Through Growth Act is a bill introduced by the GOP.

Hows your Fast and Furious defense fund raising going?

Anonymous said...

Politifact website investigated your copying from the Daily Kos and determined your info didnt quite pass the smell test.

Per usual its not the facts that matter its only the seriousness of the charge.

John said...

The GOP is only wanting to save their own jobs and no taxation for the 1%.

They have their defenders and I only can say that they are really
useful idiots.

John said...

The Fast and Furious issue needs to be fully investigated. It seems like a really bad ill-conceived plan by the ATF. I read a very interesting article in the December 14th web issue of Mother Jones that fully explains the origins of this issue.

BD is like a lot of the typical rightwing wingnuts out in the net. A lot of hotair but no real substance. Except for the BS that he slings.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, an LDB John calls people names. An offense he often cries foul on.

Still no response from any LDB concerning the truth of this matter. Wich shows me the lies within this original post have no credibility.

John said...

Maybe if you read the article by Mother Jones did on "Fast and Furious" you might learn something. But this is BD we are talking about. Learning something tends to be a little issue for him.

Yes I still want people to be civil in our discourse. But it's funny BD was the first to name call people he disagreed with and I called him on it.