Thursday, May 03, 2012


We understand why many on the right would keep lying about the mess President Obama was greeted with on Jan 20, 2009. Embarassment, at what had happened under George W. Bush, for one reason.

For another, Republicans don't want Americans to remember how far forward things have come under President Obama - or which party has continued to stand in the way of forward progress.

This quick seven minute movie reminds you of the truth about what Mr. Obama - and Americans - really faced four years ago.



John said...

And now it seems that it was Mitt Romney not President Obama that saved the car industry!. WTF....

I think the post here and below are important in discussing the real record of Obama's dealings with Osama Bin Laden.

But of course the phonies won't debate it because they can't really. They will put little one word comments because they rally can't say anything.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual pussy alert.

John said...

Nuff said.. They can't debate in
a rational manner so they are reduce to name calling.

John said...

Nuff said.. Some of these rightwing cowards can't have a conversation so they are resort to name-calling. WEAK!!!

Anonymous said...

Forward progress? What does that even mean?
The US will be lucky if it only slides into 2 world class status.
I don't blame Obama though, I blame Kissinger and his ilk.