Friday, May 25, 2012


 Again I am not shocked by this. I mean, if you ever had a simple conversation with these people
then the answer was apparent to you once they opened their mouths. Now this study was done nationwide. I actually feel sorry for these people they live in a bubble of ignorance and hate. Now the study also revealed that viewers of Fox and MSNBC were not well informed when it came to foreign affairs,which makes sense because those networks do not necessarily make a big emphasis on those issues as others have,like NPR which fared really well in that area. Now remember these are not bad people and they even may be in our families. So just remember they are starting from a handicap and we should not get angry with them. We will just stop engaging in conversation with them and asking them for their opinions..ok. It is not worth the trouble you will get when these people start to open their mouths.

Here is the actual link to article.

 Please click on these links and understand why this phenomena is prevalent on Fox.

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Anonymous said...

A large percentage of people that voted for Obama are just as ingnorant as the folks that watch Fox News...if not more so.
Which group of voters in the US are the most religious? Black people followed by Hispanic people.