Thursday, May 03, 2012


It seems like the party of hate has decided to engage in fake outrage again. It seems like they are angry that Obama had Osama killed. They have tried everything by making nuanced statements like...It was the torture that lead to the intel that lead to the capture of Bin Laden.Or my favorite,it was the Bush policies that lead to the death of Bin laden. Keep in mind that if it was just a simple matter of polices or intel, then why couldn't the Bushies find Bin Laden? Never once in 8 years did they find him. Hell Bush even said that he does not think of him anymore. After he did that big dead or alive speech.You see conservatives talk a good game but the truth is they are a bunch of liars and hypocrites. So now Obama did find and killed  Bin Laden and sent him to see Allah. The Repubs hate that. This is why they are picking on Obama about this touting killing Osama political ads. I want Obama to run those ads 24 hrs a day if possible. See they would do the same thing if they had got Bin laden,but since they did not knab him, they have to be sour pusses about it. What a bunch of crybabies they are! Now they are saying that usual Team Six killed him.But Obama gave the order and chose the strategy.  Now to show you how stupid that logic is just remember this we say Pol Pots army killed 2 million people in the Killing Fields or do we say Pol Pol killed them? Do we say the American Army dropped the bomb on Japan or do we say Truman dropped them bomb? You see, they now claim that Reagan(single handed) ended the Cold War. They never mention the fact of others over the years who really made it happen. They pick and choose. These people are not that bright and are haters and bigots and are not to be taken seriously. 

They do not want to give Obama credit for anything they just hate his skin color.

The truth is Obama chose a high risk operation that if it went south, the blame would have been laid at his feet rightfully so.The republicans would bring it every chance they got.It was a 50/50 chance that Bin Laden would have even  been in the compound,but he chose the most difficult and high risk way of going in that was successful. Biden advised against it. Robert Gates said himself that this was a gutsy decision he has ever seen a president make.So suck on that Rethugs. It just kills you to hear Obama's record!


 Here are some videos that they shows Bush declaring that he does not even think about Bin laden anymore. HOLD IN YOUR LAUGHTER..

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