Monday, June 25, 2012


I know that I am usually making fun of stupid neocons(and I love it btw). But I will always take the time also to kick extreme liberals when they are down too.  Now this involves PETA. I think this is the dumbest think ever.Why is that nutcases have to go to the extreme? The are the same nutcases who throw paint at fur wearers.  Peta wants ti use the 13th amendment (That abolished slavery) to sue Seaworld and free the Killer Whales. How stupid and crazy is that ?

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Anonymous said...

Im listening to Micchael T Justice now. It reminded me of your show.

You dont need a radio station or TV to broadcast anymore. Internet Podcasts are better.

Come over to Talkshoe brother. And if they let you call into KKFI. Call into Michael T Justice, and Benjamins Paragon radio. Tell them to listen to your show.

PS, I loved your show. Is there a way to get audio?