Friday, June 01, 2012


 Guess which party he belonged to ?


A snake-handling Pentecostal who witnessed his father die in a similar fashion, died Sunday after he was bitten by a poisonous snake he had owned for years.  "Mack" Wolford, 44, was reportedly one of the few pastors who openly shared his beliefs about Christians being commanded by Jesus in the Bible to take up serpents without fear of death.

To sane people, that means, "This book is, at best, some parable that's not to be talken seriously." To the religiously insane, it's a How-To book on getting to Heaven.
Wolford, pastor of House of the Lord Jesus in Matoaka, W. Va., died at a relative's home May 27 after he sat down next to a yellow timber rattlesnake and was bitten in the thigh during an afternoon service.

The service soon came to a halt and Wolford was taken to his relative's home to recover from the poisonous bite -- a common occurrence for the charismatic Christian who grew up with a father who also preached snake-handling during his ministry. Wolford died about 10 p.m.

The pastor, noted for his enthusiasm for sharing his belief that Jesus calls on his followers in passages like Mark 16:17-18 to handle snakes, was officially declared dead Monday at Bluefield Medical Center. It appears that no one aware of Wolford's condition had called emergency services for help.

Well you can't call for help because that's calling God's book a liar.
Can't have that.


John said...

Thinning out the herd. This is funny and shows what happens when you take the bible as fact.

Anonymous said...

Does it say every believer, every time?

Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 10:9

Victoria Kidsman said...

Well written!
Surely the priest could have avoided snakes altogeather or perhaps done a few snake handler courses so he knew what to do after the bite.