Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Congrats to Hillary Clinton for an historic night. I mean it only took America fifty years to advance a woman as a presidential nominee .. Now, first of all, I like Bernie Sanders and I actually like some of his supporters. The rest I just cannot stand those close minded zombies.  They are just like Fox News viewers(just as closeminded as the Berniebots). But to be honest,Bernie is not dealing with reality. He wants to win so bad. He has no path to victory and he is like that guy or girl,who stalks you when they know that they cannot be with you, Ever ! Bernie is a party of one and he does not care about this election. He did not even acknowledge Hillary's historic night. I am really am getting tired of Bernie and his delusion that he can win. The math is just not there. He is misleading those poor followers of his. I will say that Bernie makes sense with some of his policies( the fact that he woefully lacks in  foreign policy is apparent). I once famously said to some Berniebots,that if Bernie won,I would vote for him and if Hillary wins, I will vote for her. But this crotchety old fuck is not giving up. He is souring the well and he is a man standing in a woman's way of victory.  Bernie needs to drop out and fast and help Hillary. If not,then Fuck Bernie Sanders.

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