Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Man, Trump is like manna from heaven. He is an abortion. I mean his inane views and his senseless attacks makes me so happy. the reason is why is, that the repubs have to back him up at the same time being disgusted with him. Trump's latest screwup (in addition to not knowing a fucking thing about anything,but hey,why let that stop him). He is trying to ruin the life of a federal judge. Trump spewed out that the judge is against him because he is..wait for it..wait for it..........MEXICAN! That's right. Trump stated that the judge(due to his mexicanness)is incapable of rendering a verdict against him, due to this. Now the judge is American(born in Indiana and is of mexican descent)but why let facts get in the way of racist stupidity. You see, if Trump was actually serious about this he would have filed a motion  with the court to recuse the judge. But in doing that they would have to give a reason and if you say that it was because the judge is mexican...they will laugh his dumb ass out of court but not before giving them sanctions. The great part is that when Trump farts out his mouth something stupid..The repubs who endorse him have to tap dance and rebuke him and at the same time say..But I still endorse him as president..Funny shit.  But I must say in closing that Trump is the result of letting ignorance and stupidity run rampant in a political party  and the country. Is Trump the best America can do?

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