Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 Ok the Snowden movie is coming out soon. From the trailer it actually looks good. I wonder if it will make Snowden look like the thief that he is? I still get into it with some of his rabid supporters( my experience). I just have two questions for Snowden supporters that they just duck and never ever answer

1) What does spying on other governments have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

2) What does continued leaks and offering to work for other governments *against* your own government have anything to do with your 4th Amendment rights?

3) If we get rid of the current system that we use to find terrorists...what do we replace it with? How do we keep the country safe? They never answer those questions, they just hee and haw and start acting like Fox News viewers and Teatards. I should reference them Anthony's Law #30.  These guys are like religious fundamentalists: they keep moving the goalposts because they don't like the questions.


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