Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Ok after talking to a few stupid people out there(not all Trump or Bernie supporters either ) about subjects like world affairs and the like......It was apparent that I had to come up with this new rule....
..."NEVER HAVE A STRONG OPINION ABOUT A SUBJECT THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OR KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!." Thank you. If you can't defend yourself, maybe say "Oh, I don't know" when asked about it. That's one reason I don't write or talk about Trigonometry or why Keith Richards is still alive or the caring of and feeding of horses.It's because, I could care less and I don't have the time to hear all fifty sides of never-ending bickering. Also, if you can't explain yourself, don't criticize anyone's else's position on something.either. Rant Over !:)

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