Tuesday, August 16, 2016



 Great article about Snowden.

Excerpts :

 1. It sets a bad precedent. Snowden is one of four million people who have top-secret clearance. If they give Snowden a pass, it says that if you don’t like your job, leak American secrets to the media and we’ll let you off the hook.

2. The Snowden revelations are no longer shocking. His ongoing trickle of secrets amounts to a whimper. His latest leaks - that the NSA is collecting metadata on American cell phone calls - is hardly a surprise.Minus an absolute bombshell from Snowden, the worst of the damage he caused is already done.

3. Snowden peddled American secrets in exchange for asylum. It’s one thing to be a whistleblower, it’s another to offer American secrets to a rival in exchange for safety. That makes Snowden no different than other spies who have left the United States and then gave information to a rival.  It's no accident that Snowden has ended up in Russia, a police state far worse than here. Let him stay there.


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