Monday, October 31, 2005


Well it looks like the Bushies have screwed the pooch on this one.
Libby getting indicted and believe me more will follow. Miers got shafted.
And the Neocons are on the defensive. They are adopting the same strategy the Clinton administration. Tonight on the show supreme court pick,Gay Mr.Sulu, Russian shooting,
Craddock the racist republican plus more.

These neo-cons are really showing their hypocrisy. Please everyone enjoy it.


Sorry with so much going I have not had a chance to do posts but I will post new stuff here in the next few hours.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Show

Topic for tonights show

Indictments are coming.
Neo-cons are running like scared bitch.
Hurricane Wilma
Police shoot man with knife.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Neo Cons are running scared!

Well well well. It seems that these neo-cons are beside themselves. They do not know
whether they are coming or going. If you just listened to neo-con radio this is what you would have not heard. The spy found in the whitehouse, Tom Delay(except how this is a witch hunt and he is innocent).(Bullshit) The indictments concerning the Plame incident are coming down the road here and all I hear is this "rogue prosecuter"(who was appointed by republicans mind you) and the "criminalization of politics" What?
When it was Clinton and a blowjob the rupublicans told us it was "rule of law" remember that? Now when the shoe is on the other foot its a different story. They are getting their comeuppance and I love it. More Later.

"Some Random Thoughts From John (Sidekick Extraordinaire)"

1.. Watching tonights episode of "Hannity and Colmes" I seemed to notice that
Sean isn't in the Fox Studio's with Alan. Wild theory!
But could it be that Alan is sick of the smell from Sean Hannity's
head because it is in the Bush Administration's collective "ASSES"
and he finally complained about it?

2.. Who is the most annoying callers to WavestationX???? I have three in
no particular order....

"Fairway Mike" a longtime listener and caller to talk radio in K.C.
who always prove you can talk a lot but have nothing really to say.

"Russ" He claims he is a "Libertarian Anarchist" he
is waiting for society to fall apart because of all the legal/illegal
immigration that comes into the USA(mostly its ok that Russ wants to bring over a Russian Girl to I guess to marry him, but it isn't ok for anyone
of color to come in the country because damn, its just bringing us down. He has it all figured out and the rest of us are suckers....

"Racist George" I met this guy a couple of times and he is also
a longtime caller of talk radio in KC. George is a racist
but he is the type that is racist with a soft fuzzy side .. (he is a evironmentalist) He just want the "master race" to control it all. My experience with racists is that they are in a lot of ways lazy and real dysfunctional people(George has over 100 hours of college credit with no degree and this is the fault of minorites)who never accomplished anything. Look in the mirror George that is the real culprit to your existence.

3.. George Carlin once said when he was called to cynical about things
that he thinks of himself as a "desolutional idealist".
I am far from that area but it amazes me that we have some of the
dumbest people it seem running the country and it seems that some of us surrender the ability to ask questions and challenge people who are in authority.. Question it
all the time because if you don't, you get "GEORGE W. BUSH".

Later to Blogger Dudes and Duddette's.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush affirmative action! Why don't we stack the Judicial Deck.

This posting below is from my good friend John Tackett.

James Dobson "Focus On The Family" announced on his radio show that the Federal
Courts should follow the will of the american people and put christans on the federal courts. (HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH???)

The Federal Judicary should follow the Constitution and not the petty
fantasies of ideologues like James Dobson. The Federal
Courts have to be independent of the executive and legislative branches of our
national goverment. They follow the constituion so it is fair to all americans.

The Courts shouldn't have Judges that are just christian, that is not the
point of the matter. See Dobson and the rest of his nutty ilk
believe in "Judical Activism" and legislating from the bench whenever it fits their
agenda.(What do you call the selection in 2000 of George W. Bush as President??? ) When it doesn't fit then they cry "JUDICAL ACTIVISM".

They confuse what is going on in the courts and thats why our President
nominates "Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live"
Oh! I mean Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court of the United States of
America.. (are you kidding me????) Let me guess this is Bush Affirmative Action for his buddies???.

John (:sidekick to the evil genius)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


"And what this man who grew up in wealth and privilege considers good for poor
Muslims is that they become killers and suicide bombers. He assures them that
is the road to paradise - though he never offers to go along for the ride."
--Dubya, who grew up in wealth and privilege, telling our soldiers to "stay the course on"

"Bush feels that God has asked him to invade Iraq. I don't know what else
God has told him. We may be one of the countries invaded if God whispers,
'Please, Bush -- invade Malaysia'."
-- Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad,

Oh and this one is my favorite one of all. I mean this just proves how intellectually inflexible these people are. Openminded people change their minds in the way of new and convincing evidence, its called LEARNING! Now dolts with a provincial outlook are called Neo-cons and closed minded, whether you are on the right or left. Smart people change their minds when necessary. Keep this in mind this is the same woman who said Bush is the most brilliant man she has ever met.What the F**CK.......! This statement is tantamount to when Mrs Whitney Houston(crack is whack)was obviously high when she said that Bobby Brown(druggie)was the king of R&B.
What!! All of you people join me a collective,this... bitch.... is... high! Chant.
So this is what I think of dear old Harriet Miers,she was the head of the scratchers tickets lottery.

"I know her well enough to be able to say that she's not going to change,
that 20 years from now she'll be the same person with the same philosophy
that she is today. I don't want to put somebody on the bench who is this way
today, and changes. That's not what I'm interested in."
-- The Talking Monkey President.


I am sorry or is just me but everytime I hear Bush speak in public,I swear I feel very sad that america has a minimally exceptional president. Just to watch him torture himself to remember the latest lies he is supposed to have memorized is in itself quite sad and funny. But what if Bush had a brain fart and started being honest(a la'Bullworth) This is what his speech would be like if the dolt had a smattering of decency in him.

It is hard to even imagine what George W. Bush would have to say if he were serious about “leveling with the American people” over the Iraq War. Here is a draft that would surely not get past the White House speechwriters:

“My fellow Americans, let me explain to you what really went wrong with the Iraq policy and why so many young Americans have died in what looks like a futile war without end.

“First, you must know that I have long obsessed about getting rid of Saddam Hussein, taking care of some unfinished business from my dad’s presidency. There’s also a lot of oil there and my neoconservative advisers wanted to project American power into the Middle East.

“So when the Sept. 11 attacks occurred, I saw my chance. Vice President Dick Cheney and I began merging references to al-Qaeda and Iraq. That way, the casual listener would start associating Iraq with Sept. 11 subliminally, even if there was no real evidence to support that connection.

“We also decided to exaggerate the shaky intelligence we had about Iraq’s WMD because we knew that would scare the American people into supporting a war against a country that wasn’t threatening us.

“Next, I got rid of officials, like Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and Gen. Eric Shinseki, who had doubts about the Iraq War plans. To keep British Prime Minister Tony Blair on board, we agreed to go to the United Nations, but only because we hoped that Saddam would reject a demand for U.N. inspections and give us a better pretext for war.

“When Saddam crossed us up by letting the inspectors in, we started a war hysteria inside the United States. When the French wanted more time for the inspections to work, we turned ‘France’ into a dirty word, even renaming French toast and French fries into ‘freedom toast’ and ‘freedom fries.’

“Before it sank into the American people that the U.N. inspectors weren’t finding any WMD, I forced the inspectors to leave. Later, after the war was over, when your memories were getting a little fuzzy, I pretended that Hussein had never let the inspectors in and had shown ‘defiance,’ leaving me no choice but to invade as a ‘last resort.’ For details on how I pulled off that sleight of hand, see’s ‘President Bush, With the Candlestick…’

“In the first days of the Iraq War, when we realized ‘shock and awe’ didn’t have quite the effect we hoped, I had the U.S. military bomb civilian targets, such as a residential restaurant which we obliterated because of some sketchy information that Saddam might be eating there. We did this even though we knew that civilians would be killed. We were right about the civilians getting killed, but Saddam turned out not to be there.

“All these acts that I’ve described to you tonight might well be considered war crimes, but I really don’t care much about international law. Remember when I reacted to one question about international law by joking, ‘International law? I better call my lawyer.’ That’s just the way I feel about treaties and other things that try to tie me down.

“Some of my critics might say that I’ve been a dissembler, which means someone who doesn’t tell the truth. But that’s just politics.

“Well, so now that I’ve leveled with you about how we got into this mess, I’m sure you feel you can trust me to continue protecting the American people and leading our great nation to victory in Iraq.

“As I actually did say in my radio address on June 18, ‘I’ll continue to act to keep our people safe from harm and our future bright. Together we will do what Americans have always done: build a better and more peaceful world for our children and grandchildren.’
Ah! Hope springs eternal.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I was angry at that footage in New Orleans of that 64 year old man being beaten by the cops. That was uncalled for and that will be one of the topics on tonights show

Harriet Miers
Karl Rove indicted
Doctor tricks woman into sex.

Friday, October 07, 2005


I was watching Oprah the other day(do not ask me why). The cast from my favorite movie "Crash" was on. Well this expert threw out this figure on crime concerning inter-racial verses intra-racial and discovered this. That both blacks and whites count for 3% of crimes inter-racially and that each group intra-racially counts for 97% of crimes.
So that means that despite a lot of racial beliefs, black men are not raping or robbing white women or people at an alarming rate and vice versa. So basically whites are killing there own at an alarming rate and blacks are killing each other at an alarming rate. I did a show on this a few years ago. It was good to see this again.
But yet the media keeps this black on black crime bullsh*t going. Well cultures from all over the world kill each other. Would you believe and be shocked that in China, chinese people kill chinese people or that in Italy, italians kill italians. So you never hear the media describe that as "chinese on chinese" or "italian on italian" or "white on white crime". The term implies that no other racial groups kill each other. So you now know how absurd the term "black on black crime" is. So why does the media do this, I mean surely a liberal media would be fair and not perpetrate this lie ,right! I will start using the term and you use it also(white on white crime) until this foolishness stops.


Okay here we go again. Can you believe this sh*t. We have another fake terrorist warning. Now because of an arrest in Iraq the other day an "insurgent" admitted that 19 operatives were coming to New York or already there with briefcases to bomb New Yorks subway system. Oh Anthony say it ain't true. Well its not. Here is my evil reasoning behind this.. Tom Ridge admitted that the past terror alerts were used by the Bush administration for political reasons and that he thought they were stupid. We all remember those vague alerts that systematically came out that warned there were no specific targets but be on alert. What? And also we have a president with low polling numbers and there was a spy (a f**king spy) found in the White House and Karl Rove(Turd Blossom) is testilying Oops! I meant to say testifying concerning the Valerie Plame affair and there is word in Washington that there are about to be 22 indictments handed down. It also seems the White House is distancing Bush from Rove. Plus the President gave an interesting speech mentioned Bin Laden by name and would you believe that hours later we get a specific terror alert that has New York on edge. But meanwhile the Dept. Of Homeland Security claims that these threats are not credible,Huh? So what is a person to do? STOP THE INSANITY!!! Could this be what magicians call misdirection. I mean this is what they accused Clinton of, concerning blowjob gate. So he lobbed missiles at the Sudan to throw attention off of him.Could this be what is happening folks? I mean even the events of the arrests does not sound plausible. I am flying to New York in a few hours and will let you guys know the events there. If I get bombed in the subways I am turning the show over to Dennis and Darcy and John(bastard) and they will carry on the Wavestation X legacy. But as I sneakily suspect I will return to the show on monday to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Oh by the way did anyone watch the Ann Coulter and Bill O'reilly shoot out the other day. O'reilly kicked her ass! This was concerning the Miers nomination. It seems that some neo-cons are turning against Bush! Its good to see the right wing truimph of the extreme right wing, and thats why I love this country!!

Monday, October 03, 2005


Okay tonight will be a great show. But before I start, I want to blame the last two Chiefs losses on my dear friend John Tackett. Now you say what does John have to do with the way they played.....well he don't, but its never stopped me before for blaming things on him(plus he is a Chiefs fan). Okay let me put the joint down for a second and get to this blog.

On tonights show :
Tom Delay

New justice
Bush the King
Green cards for Booty
Ashton Kutcher?Demi Moore(Why I think they will break up soon)
Eminent Domain in Florida.

Hey here is what the neo-con Rush forgot to tell us about Delay(Rush was to high to tell people about this). He deserves the Larry Johnson Bitch slap. See you guys tonight!

The Real Tom DeLay Story

The real story about Tom DeLay’s indictment in Texas goes far beyond the corrupt
acts of a single individual. DeLay’s intervention in Texas state legislative elections was
part of a concerted, nationwide Republican plan to control our government through
political gerrymandering at the expense of black and Hispanic voters. I observed this
process first hand as the expert witness for Democrats in the court cases challenging
Republican congressional redistricting plans not only in Texas, but also in Pennsylvania,
Florida, Ohio, and Michigan.
These latter four states are equally divided between Republicans and Democrats,
yet Republican gerrymandering has resulted in GOP control of about two-thirds of
their congressional seats.
By pumping money into state legislative races in Texas, DeLay engineered Republican
control in 2002 over a previously divided state legislature. He then guided Texas
lawmakers into breaking precedent by rewriting mid-decade an established congressional redistricting plan. The DeLay plan thwarted the will of voters by drawing districts to
guarantee Republican victories and take over five Democratic seats. To this end,
DeLay and his allies cynically and knowingly destroyed the voting rights of millions
of African-Americans and Hispanics in Texas.
In the Dallas County area, the plan demolished a 60.5 percent minority district and
scattered its voters into five Anglo-dominated, Republican districts in which they have
no chance to influence the outcomes of elections. In southwest Texas, DeLay’s plan
removed some 90,000 Hispanics from Congressional District 23 to ensure that it
would elect a Republican opposed by Hispanic voters. His plan dismantled seven other congressional districts across Texas in which African-American and Hispanic voters
critically influenced election outcomes, submerging these voters into heavily Republican
districts in which they have no influence.
The big corporate interests behind Tom DeLay knew full well what they bought in Texas.
They bought our government. Absent DeLay’s gerrymandering, the Democrats, not
Republicans, would have picked up congressional seats nationally in 2004, putting
Democrats in a much better position to regain control of Congress next year.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well it seems that Tom Delay is in a little bit of trouble. Well I heard Rush Limbaugh say that it is no big deal and it is a partisan venture. I mean I am glad Rush set my mind at ease and I am glad that republicans have never did anything partisan to democrats. Yep that Delay is such a victim. So Limbaugh claims there is no proof of these indictments at all concerning Delay hmmmmm... But Limbaugh said during the Iran-Contra scandal that there was not one conviction at all in that scandal.Hmmm what a lying bitch, the fact is that there were 14 count them 14 convictions in the scandal so Limbaugh has a tendency to LIE just like he is now. But dyed in the wool neo-cons who have not seen these documents listen to Hannity and Limbaugh and just parrots the same party line. So sad that these brainless neo-cons that listens to these guys do so because they do not know what to think for themselves. So the next time you hear one of these anti-science,parroting neo-cons tell them that until they see the evidence for themselves then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Now I know this entry will make neo-cons angry good FUCK'EM!!! And think for your self.