Friday, October 08, 2010

Another Freaky Preacher.

I am sure the racists Neocons will comment on this posting although they never commented on O'donnell or Palin or anything any non black has done..what cowards!
Also you know right wing politicians and religious figures tells us that gays prey on the unsuspecting.They really meant to say they meant heterosexual-indentified homosexuals who have a fanatical religious right wing anti-gay self hating belief.

Now I believe this guy much like catholic priests is guilty as HELL! I love it when these preachers screw up. This man is a disgrace and a hypocrite. Please check on links. It seems that these guys who were of age,it seems like some of these guys loved seeing this guy until the money ran out for them and he did not want to see them anymore. But the pastor is a jerk for preying on them and violating them. This man has not denied any wrong doing and should be ashamed of himself. Now I am not surprised at all at ministers being hypocritical when it comes to gay sex. But the pastor does have support from another disgraced gay preacher supporter Ted Haggard.



I love this woman. Although her rant sounds anti-gay..I have to say I agree with her on some points.Tell it like it is my sister.

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Anonymous said...

Why would true Neocons come to this blogg? They are too busy making money and running the world to waste their time here.