Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Makes Me Happy!

Below is the proper response from my fave person Alan Grayson. He is responding to that drug addict Rush Limbaugh who called him certifiably insane because Grayson doesn't take any crap off of them and won't let the insane rightwing bully him.

"Rush Limbaugh says that I am "certifiably insane." Now, Rush Limbaugh saying that I am
certifiably insane is like George Clooney saying that I’m good-looking. It's like Shaquille O'Neal saying that I'm big-boned. It's like Michael Jackson saying that I can sing and dance. It's like Bill Gates saying that I'm rich. Rush, tell me this: which one of us was hooked on drugs for years and years? Not me. Which one of us was arrested for criminal fraud? Not me. Which one of us made fun of Michael J. Fox because he has Parkinson's disease? Not me. Which one of us called Chelsea Clinton 'the White House dog'? Not me."
-- Alan Grayson (D-Hero) slamming the drug addict the way he should be slammed.

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