Friday, October 08, 2010

More Crazed GOP Quotes!

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"He's a jackass. He's an economic illiterate.
He's an economic ignoramus. And that's being charitable."

-- the drug addict Rush who wants to say "nigger" so bad he can taste it. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know any white person that wants to use the word Nigger. I mean using the word Nigger is simply not good in this PC country that we live in. It won't be too long before using the word fat will get you fired so using the word Nigger is like ten times worse but then maybe we should use a new word to replace Nigger, work adverse sounds ok than using Nigger, but then some white people can also hang their baggy pants on the handle Nigger; so really using the word Nigger is not going to go away.

By the late 1960s, the social progress achieved in US society, by such as the Black Civil Rights Movement (1955–68), had legitimized the racial identity word black as mainstream American English usage to denote black-skinned Americans of African ancestry. In the event, the “political militant” connotations of black displaced it in favor of the compound blanket term African American. Moreover, as a compound word, African American resembles the vogue word Afro-American, an early-1970s popular usage. Contemporaneously black Americans use the word nigger, often spelled in eye dialect as nigga and niggah, without irony, to either neutral effect or as a sign of solidarity.[11]

Dutch: neger is neutral, zwartje (little black one) can be amicably or offensively used, nikker is always pejorative[26]
French: noir is neutral, nègre is a racist colonial usage[citation needed]
Hungarian: néger is neutral, nigger is adopted as racist[citation needed]
Latvian: nēģeris is neutral, nigger is adopted as racist[citation needed]
Portuguese: negro is neutral, preto is racist[citation needed]
Russian: negr (“негр”) is neutral, chyornyi (“чёрный”, black) is moderately dergotory slur, usually applied against Middle Eastern and Caucasian people,chernozhopyi (“черножопый”, black-assed) is the harshest generic racist slur for non-white people[citation needed]
Yiddish: neger is neutral, shvartzer (black man, black woman) is racist[citation needed]

Anonymous said...

Sean Wilentz, a history prof. at Princeton wrote in a article in "The New Yorker" that is "Cofounding Fathers- The Tea Party's Cold War Roots" for the latest issue. It's online now.